Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When the Bees Are Vanishing….

…We should all be informed. I am writing this blog post today, in hopes of reaching my readers with the message, it is time to act. Not just read about this atrocity committed on our world, but to understand, be versed in, and be prepared to do your part. It doesn’t matter where in the world you live, this an important global issue.

I am certain most of you have at least become aware, that there was a leaked document, that showed the United States Environmental Protection Agency, was doing anything but protecting our environment and us,  when they allowed bee-toxic pesticide usage, despite their own scientists report. For those of you who have not already been made aware of this, I invite you to read this article, and the document itself, (there is a link to the document in the article).

This video, is the beekeeper/ document leaker, Tom Theolbold, telling us about how the EPA ignored warnings about the use of chlothianidin, a pesticide produced by Bayer that mainly is used to pre-treat corn seeds. The pesticide is used on corn, canola, soy, wheat, sunflowers and sugar beets also.

So what can we do? Those of us who do keep bees, need to do so naturally. Those of you who have been thinking about keeping bees, get started. They and we need all the help possible to increase their population. As Tom says, be informed, talk about it, be aware. Make some noise people. Share this with your friends and family. We are not just talking about the fate of the bees, but the fate of our world, as we know it. Do it for the future generations.

I invite you all to sign the petition, to urge the EPA to remove chlothianidin from the market.

Chlothianidin has already been banned in the countries of Slovenia, German, France and Italy. This toxic chemical needs banned worldwide.

I also invite you to read this link and see how the company Bayer AG (the makers of Chlothidanidin) , is involved in GMO’s, and many other environmental dangerous interests. Scary to read of how much money this company spends on lobbying and contributions to political parties. They should be banned from doing so. I consider them traitorous  to the entire world.  Please join with me in boycotting any product from this company. Search for alternative products, if you find that you customarily do use their products. Become informed on which products they do produce or subsidize. This is a list of some of the key products they have.

Thank you for the time and consideration you put into this subject. It affects us all.

Bright Blessings to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx




Anke said...

Thanks Leslie for letting us know. I signed the petition and looked over Bayers product list. The only thing I've ever used was Aspirin, and I think I can do without that.

Comfrey Cottages said...

You are welcome Anke. I appreciate you signing the petition and checking over the list of products:) xx

Anonymous said...

I signed the petition Leslie, and I posted this to my facebook, as well.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you Stephany xx

Anonymous said...

Great info Leslie. Thanks for sharing!

Deb from Peterman Brook Herb Farm said...

Love the slow mo pics of the flying bees but we could not get to the petition from the link. My hubby says we need bees for our apple trees.

Comfrey Cottages said...

The link worked for me Deb. I posted to your facebook wall and you can try from there if you Plelike:)Yes, you do need bees! Please feel free to holler if you want any advice or help with it xx
Thank You Lucinda xx