Monday, January 10, 2011

Double Shot of Chamomile Tea with a Valerian Chaser kind of day!

Woke up this morning to a bit of a problem, physically, that made me miss seeing my Dylan and Zoey today:( Maybe something I ate.. who knows! But what makes it a stressy kind of day wasn’t that I felt under the weather, it was because of our 4-5 year old, Earl of Seven


I noticed first thing this morning that Earl just wasn’t himself. He was acting uncoordinated, brushing into things, missing when he leaped, restless, whiny. But, I couldn’t figure out why. Pupils were equal and responsive, and looked just like the other cats eyes looked in the morning sun. I did a thorough body palpitation bit, flexing his joints, checking his responses to stimuli, etc etc. Outwardly, I could see nothing wrong with his ears to cause unbalance. No recordable pain responses anywhere. Eating-check, drinking- check, jumping-check, walking-check. Take a temp- check. Follow him to the box and check out his bodily eliminations. All seems the appropriate amount, color, etc. Exposure to a chemical? I don’t see how. Nothing in the house he could get and I use very safe, natural cleaning products. Not even one plant in the house, too many big trees surrounded us.I am flummoxed and getting a bit uneasy. It appeared his back legs would slide a bit, he would walk through a doorway and head would rather glance the door jam… What the hell is this? I decide to make a vet appointment. I drag my not so well self off to the vet with a very freaked out puddy cat.  The vet finds… nothing! Ugggh! So we are home and he actually is resting a bit without me sitting near him so I am thinking it is time to relax, not clean, cook, nothing, just chill a bit. What say you? Clean or go take a nice long soak, and enjoy soaping up with one of these lovely soaps my friend Marci shared with me

I agree the soak it is! Marci has been such a sharing, generous friend and has just today shared exquisitely detailed directions on making soap. Just visit her blog Herbal Nature and see what she has shared:) I am so grateful for her for posting all about soap making:) On my list to do soon, the proper way, this time:)

Now clean and relaxed from the tub, I think it is time to evict Patrick Starr from my roosting spot and relax with a double tea bag cup of chamomile, and have a shot of valerian flower extract tincture as a chaser:) My nerves are a wee bit fried. I do so worry about my furbabies:) I will keep you posted on how he does.

For the meantime, I am hitting the couch and will soon be smothered by a purring, furball. It might be…


Wisteria, Hyacinth Bouquet, or maybe Violet Joy



or Dandelion, or maybe Rose Marie’. Or any combination!


Earl seems to be a bit more comfortable resting at the moment. I open the closet for him in case he felt like a hidey hole, as cats do when feeling poorly. Guess he must not feel as bad as I do just watching him as he hasn’t went and hid. Sigh.. will keep you posted.

Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages




Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I was OK until I hit the string of cat pictures! ACHOO! I raise my glass (No alcohol involved, maybe there should be!) to all of your animal kingdom and you CC! Hope you have a better week! xxoo Nancy

Karol Thunder Rowe said...

I certainly do hope Earl feels better soon. I had a dog start that around the new years...

Pogostemon said...

Oh I hope he and you are doing better today.
Derek has had a couple of times in the years that we've had him when he has been a bit like your Earl seems. The vet could not identify anything specific then either.
I recall giving him a space he could just duck out into for the time he needed and at one point having to take food to him to encourage him to eat, something he's never needed before! He gradually just got better and neither me , Phil or the vet ever did find out what was wrong. Here's to you both feeling much much better

Rowan said...

I hope that both you and Earl are feeling better. I must admit that when I read Earl's symptoms the first thing I thought was 'mild stroke' but presumably the vet would have found that. Maybe he's just got a bit of a virus like us feeling woozy when we have colds.
I shall go and check out the soap making post now:)

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thanks for the glass raising to us Nancy! Achoo to you too! lol! xx
Karol, I immediately thought of you and Simba...:( xx
Lorraine, I am heartened to hear that Derek acted dodgy like this and came out of it:) Earl has never lost his appetite.. He is still not steady today.. I feel better though, so I guess time will tell.. love you xx
Rowan, I thought of stroke too...I would hope the vet could tell, but who knows.. wait and see I guess, which I am not good at.. thank you for your wishes hon. Yes, do enjoy the soap post by Marci xx

Anke said...

Leslie, I hope you and Earl will feel better soon. Nothing worse than not feeling right yourself and having to worry about a loved one - furry or not.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you so much Ankexx He is a bit more stable acting today. Hopefully, this too will pass, even though I can't help but have that niggling worry when i don't know what caused it... xx

Anonymous said...

Lots of love and healing wishes to you and handsome Earl. I loved seeing your beautiful cats, and with such wonderful herbal names! Do you have 7 altogether? My hubby and I volunteer at a rescue and rehoming centre and I'm subtly trying to convince him to take a 4th home :)
Take good care x

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you Lucinda for the wishes for Earl and myself xx I am at my grandson's, Dylan, who I tend during the week while his folks work, and am anxious to get home today to see how Earl is doing. He was a bit steadier this morning. That is so wonderful about you and your hubby volunteering:) just beautifulxx Yes, we have 7! Each with their own sad little tale, before we took them into our home. Seems yearly I find at least one kitty needing a home. Luckily, most of them I can rehome but these 7 are at home! lol Sometime I need to do little posts about a couple of them with health issues when they were found. I can say the plants actually saved little
Dandelion's lifexx

Deb from Peterman Brook Herb Farm said...

Leslie, your kitties are cuties! My husband would pack his bags if I brought 7 in the house. I have two former animal shelter residents and he thinks that is too many. No sense of humor!

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh Deb, first he tries to get rid of your good junk and then he thinks 2 rescue animals are too many! lol My husband was not a cat lover when we met. Long adorable story I will tell sometime on how he came to LOVE cats. He is absolutely goofy about ours:) I sure never set out to have this many! lol

Rita M said...

Oh Leslie, I hope Earl feels better soon and you also! How are you my sweet friend, are you feeling better?
Big hugs XXXXXX

Comfrey Cottages said...

Earl is just fine now Rita. I have no idea what caused his problem! I feel fine too. Just a little bit of tummy trouble:) love you! xx

james said...

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Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks for visiting Comfrey Cottages, James!