Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Books about Bees, Earl update

I would like to recommend these two books.
Robbing the Bees, by Holley Bishop is just a must read! Holley writes engagingly about the history and lore of beekeeping, along with her own personal experiences and  delicious recipes, this is just a honey of a read:)
Following the Bloom, by Douglas Whynott. Necessary read to fully understand the subject of migratory beekeeping. The book is an excellent, interesting read.
( I have to admit I do not condone modern mono crop farming and the necessity of migratory beekeeping, (at least not done the way it is now).  Big subject for me to even touch on modern farming methods….could get on my soapbox, but if you are reading this, I am preaching the choir anyway, so just read the book. You will be better informed on the subjects….)
Right, so off to the apothecary
My little kitchen/apothecary corner for things that need shook daily:) Decanting a yarrow/calendula spray.
My children Michelle and Tommy and their families, gave me a gift of money intended for herbal things for my holiday present. I was able to order, several extract tinctures I have been wanting to try and some more tools for the apothecary. I had luckily found one little metal funnel at a flea market earlier this year, and so ordered one to give to Eric. The little dispensary cup with pouring lip is just what I needed! I used it several times today while mixing up different herbal remedy recipes:) 
Look how handy the dispensary cup and metal funnel are for filling bottles
So, I spent a part of the day mixing and bottling this and that for the herbal first aid kit I am working on . Notice the jar of vinegar in the above photo. Do you remember when I shared with you about making our own apple cider vinegar? Well, that is some from our first batch, Eric took the  second batch with a Mother, to start the process at his house also. I just realized, it is time for me to strain off the one that is working in the crock now and then start my fourth batch of apple cider vinegar! Yea! For me, it is a lot about sustainability. I love it when I am able to use ingredients that I don’t have to buy. Not only for my pocket books sake, but because of saving those carbon footprints:)
 I am a candy cane nut, especially when they are corn syrup free, with no artificial colors or flavors. Good for the tummy and nice to have wee ones suck on when distressed and needing treatment from the first aid kit. Take their minds off things, you know;-)
Another look at the dispensary cup

Did you notice the cool 3 spout cup Eric gave me? I have probably already shown you this! lol I just love it so:)
Good news, Earl is acting his old self now:) Who knows what was wrong the other day?! Just grateful he seems fine now. Thank you for all your wishes and prayers for his recovery, they helped!! xx
Thank you for visiting Comfrey Cottages xx


Rowan said...

So glad that Earl is doing better. I really like your dispensary cup and the metal funnel, they must make life much easier.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you, Rowan. I was worried sick about him!
They do make things easier:P Grateful for them! xx

Brigitte said...

Great to hear Earl is back to his happy self!
Laying down, sleep, fast for a few days and let nature heal is something we can learn from animals... they instinctively know what to do so the self healing process isn't disturbed.

Lovely to see you get good results with your vinegar!

Candy cane (or other treats to keep the mind off) in a First aid kit is just brilliant!
Will see what goody I will find for those terrified kids with splinters or thorns I have to remove with needle and tweezers...
Thanks a lot!

What did you infuse for your headache tincture?

Comfrey Cottages said...

Well Brigitte, Earl did not act like a cat usually does when unwell. He refused to be by himself and insisted on running around! I wished he would have just went and rested! lol
Yes, I am so thankful I learned to make vinegar from you:) The candy cane is also a nice form of peppermint, which can help a queasy tummy, if needed;-) xx