Friday, January 21, 2011

Attention U.K. Friends who Care about Bees

and life on earth, as we know it. I would like to share with you the fact that the House of Commons will be debating the subject of neonicotinoids. From The Independent:

“The House of Commons is to debate the impact on bees and other insects of the new generation of pesticides that has been linked to bee mortality in several countries.

The Government will be called on to suspend all neonicotinoid pesticides approved in Britain, pending more exhaustive tests of their long-term effects on bees and other invertebrates. The subject will be raised in an adjournment debate in the Commons next Tuesday on a motion tabled by Martin Caton, the Labour MP for Gower.”

Beekeeper Phil Chandler shared this link on how to write your MP, with your opinions. There is much more information on that link also, and I invite you to explore it thoroughly. There is a link there, where you can ask your MP to support an Early Day Motion about this suspension of neonicotinoid usage.

Thank you for visiting Comfrey Cottages. And thank you for caringxx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Leslie, I've signed the petition that's going round and will check out your links. And I'm planning to talk to the farmer to see if I can put a hive in a little out of the way area off the track that goes past our house.
My only other option is the allotments but some people are funny about that.
Really enjoying all your bee posts!
Honey Hugs,
Lucinda xxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you for signing other petitions, Lucinda.:) I look forward to hearing if the farmer is amiable to the idea of bees:) One of the keys to being a good bee neighbor, is to insure your bees have a water source. So a simple bird bath with either bee friendly sides of rocks in the water for them to land on is important. Most times neighbors complain of bees in when they are looking for water at hose spigots, pools, open glasses of tea or other drink:) LOL Such a simple thing that isn't stressed enough. I will post a picture of my bees favorite watering birdbath so you can see what I mean about bee friendly:) xx If you decide to explore the allotment idea, you might possibly write up a nice little flyer about how the bees would benefit everyones gardens and invite those who might show interest to come watch you do things with the hive. Again, you would be best served to provide a water source for the bees, especially if the allotment is not near a natural source. xxx

Anonymous said...

That's great advice Leslie, thanks for sharing it. As you say it's not stressed enough, it wasn't even mentioned in our beekeeping course! xxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

You are very welcome Lucinda:) Please pass that bit on to every new keeper you meet! lol so simply but so often neglected xxx

*Ulrike* said...

All beekeepers should be informed, thanks for posting about this Leslie