Monday, January 17, 2011

LeClaire, Iowa

On weekends,  my husband and I like to do daytrips. Yesterday found us exploring some new areas in the state of Iowa. Illinois and Iowa both border the Mighty Mississippi River.  We are both very drawn to rivers, and living between the Illinois River and the Mississippi River, we enjoy exploring the history of the towns along them. Today, we headed for LeClaire and then we going to follow the The Great River Road on north to Clinton, cross the river back into the Illinois side and visit Fulton, Illinois.

LeClaire is just a lovely town. The main street runs right through the center of town, and while travelling it, the river is always in view on the east side. The river was still open, from all the barge traffic, so there were many types of birds all over it. We saw all sorts of ducks,  and geese and it was a generally refreshing scene to see that life was still abundant and busy, even in the deep of winter




Although, these Canvasback ducks, were quite content to tuck their heads under their wings and just bob along the water taking a snooze:)

LeClaire is a perfect town to visit. It is rich in historical sites with lovely museum’s and points of interest. We decide to visit the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum.  I will share in pictures some of the things we saw and learned about. And do visit the site link also. There is much more than simply artifacts relating to Bill Cody. There are many historic displays of events and peoples who have inhabited this region.


The history of an Elm tree that used to grow along the river, and was used as a navigational marker and landmark,  by many peoples, throughout the history of this community, appealed to me deeply.

More about this lovely community and our day trip, in another post.

Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages




Anonymous said...

Do you know that you were only a little over an hours drive from me and I've family in Clinton. The next time you go wandering, let me know and I can try to meet you for tea.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh Stephany, no I did not know that! I have been meaning to ask you on facebook, if we could exchange address and numbers sometime! I would be delighted to meet you sometime:) We wander around in Iowa frequently. :) xx

Rita M said...

Hi my sweet friend,
what a nice day trip. I enjoyed reading about everything, thank you Leslie for sharing this nice photo slides.You have really a beautiful area to travel along.
Stay warm my friend :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

Hi my darling Rita! I have been thinking about youxx I will try to stay warm:) I hope you are also! love you xx

villa spain said...

I have never been to the place before and definitely look forward to it.. I have gathered a huge knowledge being on your post.. I was not aware that it is such a nice place..