Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the bad and the good

wow, i have suspected that maybe our last wet/freezing spell might have done in the pink hive, and i was right:( could have just cried when i opened it today. right away i saw one of the blasted wax moths in it and then i started pulling frames. it was weird and spooky too, just like walking through a ghost town. here and there on some of the frames i saw bees that were dead, but buried up head first in empty cells. there was still alot of honey in the box though. i wonder if their just got to be too many of them to stay warm. found two seperate clusters of dead bees that were just absolutely gross as mold had grown on them. sad as hell and i am sure bummed. i had fretted and worried about this hive all winter. there was pollen already brought in too which makes it doubly sad. if we hadn't had this last bad freezing spell and it would have stayed warm, they might have been able to build back up strong. the good news is the yellow hive is still strong so i went ahead and put a honey super on it. last year i didn't put the supers on until may and i ended up with a swarm from my strongest hive. really sucks i am down to one hive. thank heavens i ordered a new nuc to be delivered the first weekend in may. for those that have been following my blog. i want to reiterate, if you start with used equipment, please make sure and make it as water tight as possible. i have a feeling that this poor pink hive had a disadvantage all winter from water getting in and weakening their numbers in late fall. the less bees in the hive going into winter, the less chances they will be able to stay warm and survive. this winter was a very hard one and i think these poor girls just had the odds against them all along. darn this last late freezing spell though, i think they would have still had a chance if the weather would have held this month. but ultimately i have to blame myself :(


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Awww...I am sorry that hive didn't make it. Loss definitely comes with the teritory when it comes to critters. Please don't beat yourself up about are learning! And I think you are doing a great job. If it's any consolation...don't forget that the rest of us are learning along with you, and maybe we'll be able to avoid some mistakes of our own by learning from your experiences. Sending hugs and HOORAY for the yellow hive!! (((hugs)))

Comfrey Cottages said...

awww thanks jennifer! ;) that is what i tell myself. just hate that these girls have to suffer through my learning process! but as you say, hopefully my mistakes will keep others from making the same ones. and you are right, as with all critters, some just don't make it:( such is life i guess, thanks for commenting and for the support hon!oh and yes, the yellow hive seems great!:)