Thursday, April 16, 2009

beautiful spring

yesterday was such a bummer, but trying to look forward and enjoy what DID survive the winter. i have been studying and using herbs for medicinal reasons for a few years now, so last year add some medicinal plants to my yard plantings. my yard is in town, and even though we have a lot and a half, very limiting. that and the fact we have 2 huge maple trees in the front yard (west),

another hanging over the fence beside the driveway(north) front yard side of house, 3 maples in the back yard (east side of house), more trees from the neighbors yard on the north side of back yard also. and to the south we have a white pine tree! so a bit like gardening in a woods. not lots of sunny spots. i also enjoy culinary herbs, do a bit of planting for hummingbirds, and squeeze in as many veggies and fruits throughout the yard. i thought it might be nice to share my happy winter survival pics with you this bright and cheery thursday. off to a neat class about herbs tonight! the pic with no name stone is black cohosh! pretty psyched about that! of course the other untitled one is violets. two years ago i started transplanting wild violets all around our little pond area. will post pics when they are all up, it is quite gorgeous. the chives,lemon balm,catnip,sweet william,sedums, hollyhocks, st johns wort, butterfly weed, lavender, feverfew, rue, wormwood, elecampane,horseradish, strawberries,raspberries,horehound, spiderwort,bleeding hearts, lily of the valleys, hyacinth, yarrows, vervains, dandelions, evening primrose,russian sage and some other things are all growing too. waiting to see if the grapevine i put in last year made it, also the new blueberry bush.
here is the publicity blurb for the event tonight!


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Everything looks beautiful! Where did you get those neat label stones? The class sounds really fun, I would love to go to a class like that someday. I don't think I have seen anything like it around here.

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh those labels are pretty cool aren't they jennifer? my hubby surprized me with the kit to make them out of concrete. they are called poetry stones here is the link for the kit i have
as far as herbal/gardening type lectures and events goes, we are fortunate our university sponsers many of these programs that our local county extension office puts on. also, our master gardeners group does things also. i went to a cool event i went to last month i will blog about soon.