Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Violets and Dandelions

Our weather is still erratic! Cold again, with rains and even hail yesterday! But, the violets and dandelions are still up and don't you think violet and yellow together are so pretty? The children and i managed to take advantage of the decent weather on saturday and harvested many of both. we also dug some of each for transplanting to other spots. my brother wanted some of the white with violet edged violets and i am going to start a dandelion bed in my gardens! yup you heard me right, a dandelion bed! not only does their color please me, bees love it, i use the dandelion root dried for teas,eat their leaves and fry their heads!lol going to make some dandelion jelly soon also. so thanks to help of my little helpers we harvested enough for both some violet jelly and some fried dandelion heads saturday nite. yum! the boy in the pictures is my 8 year old grandson evan, my daughter michelle's boy. hugs all around!:)


Sandra said...

My mother used to make violet jelly. It's so pretty and it tasted nice too! Dandelion jelly? Never heard of that! Dandelion wine, yes. My mom tried that too, but it smelled up the basement so badly that she had to dump it. Are you going to share the dandelion jelly recipe online? I would be interested in seeing what goes in it and how it's done.

Comfrey Cottages said...

certainly i will post the recipe sande! thanks for stopping in hugs :)