Wednesday, April 15, 2009

more pics from the poor deadout pink hive

just thought i would share a few more pics from the pink hive. in the one you will see lots of little bee butts sticking up from the cells. you typically see this in hives that have starved out. little beasties just dying while trying to find food. but in the other pics you will see there was just tons of honey, both uncapped and capped still in the hive! another indication that this poor little community had just lost too many members to keep warm enough to even search around their own town for food. so sad! trying to focus on the positive that at least the yellow hive is strong. also, to be thankful for all the plants that are emerging in the garden!


Sandra said...

Ew! I don't know anything about bees - but that just doesn't look good. Hope this works out for you - bees our our friends!
Thanks for visiting my site recently! I love seeing your herbs. I have a few - not too many yet.

Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks for visiting sande! stop by anytime. when the weather warms up i will be posting more about the bees! hugs :)