Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pollen and honey galore

i was feeling so blue when i posted about the pink hive and in a hurry too! i am a granny/nanny to lily, who is 4, (she gets on bus at noon at my house, and gets off bus at 3, at her mom's house, where her brother,evan age8 also gets off bus at same time), so there is always precious little time for any intense things other than children!lol i had discovered the deadout about 1:30 and hurriedly posted about it before i had to dash to my daughters to meet the bus. now that i am back home i thought to share with you some more pics. these frames were in the pink hive. on them you can see there was lots of fresh uncapped honey they had made during the last warm spell, plus lots of pollen had been coming in. the orangeish looking cells are where the pollen is, the sparkley, watery looking ones is the fresh uncapped honey, and the solid looking spots on the pic with the pollen and also of a whole frame, is capped honey. so you see, these bees were being productive during the last warm spell we had and did have a chance if not for that freaky wet and freezing spell we are just coming out of. just thought to show you what nice frames there were in that hive. the pollen would have been used to make the larvae bees beebread, so makes me sure the queen was viable during the last warm spell. well as my friend jennifer says, we can just learn from this and be thankful the yellow hive is strong. by the way, the yellow hive is not mourning their neighbors loss at all!lol the bees you see in the picks are from that hive, merrily robbing the pink hives frames!lol hugs all around!


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Whoo Hoo! Look at all that lovely honey! What a wonderful thing. Congrats! See you are learning from your mistakes!

Comfrey Cottages said...

trying to learn but still paying for past mistakes! thanks for visiting lemonverbenalady:)