Monday, February 28, 2011

White Pine (Pinus strobus) by JoAnn Quattrone


White Pine (Pinus strobus)
By JoAnn Quattrone

There is a tree much grander and wiser than me.
She offers her medicine for us you see.
I give her an offering of tobacco, corn or sage.
In return she offers her life force to heal any age.
The winters come and the winters go.
There are times when my immunity gets low.

“Here child use these needles when you must for I am strong and robust. I give you vitamins A and C; with this you can make a special tea. I can ease your joint pain, colds and flu, lift your spirits and take your cough away too.”

We have a commitment to each other in the most stupendous way.
We share the breath of life each and every day.

With out a doubt trees play a major role on our planet. They offer a place of rest for the winged ones, a place to play for the four legged ones, food, medicine and most of all they gift us with the breath of life.

Earth Mother says” Someday you too will have children and your children will have children and so on. I offer everything to sustain you, in return you must sustain me.”

I am so blessed by having met so many sharing, generous, caring souls in the last couple of years. Beautiful JoAnn sent me a message including this poem of hers, and was gracious enough to allow me to share it with you all. Thank you JoAnn. You inspire me greatly and your compassion shines through in your prose xx



karisma said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! xoxo (I tried to leave a comment last night from my phone but it did not work!) Hugs xox

Brigitte said...

Thank you so much for sharing JoAnn's poem!
It is so wonderful and made me just inhale deeply again...

I love the smell of fallen needles when warmed by the sun... mh... so balsamic and wonderful.

Herbal hugs lovely Lady

Rita M said...

Nice poem for a beautiful tree :)

Big hugs XXXXXX

Rita M said...

Leslie, you should read this article, it's about bees.
You can translate it.

Big hugs XXXX