Sunday, February 6, 2011

White Pine-Herbal Ally Challenge and Tree Year Project started

Since accepting Kristine’s Herbal Ally Challenge, and joining in the Tree Year Project , I have pulled out some of my books and been delighted at all the information I have discovered about Pine. Was a very full weekend, so I just took the time to bookmark  pages, so I could start documenting my findings in my journal and with you all. I have my first pine needle infusion on the counter also, in order to begin my week of journaling about it, per the Herbal Ally Challenge #2. Will let you know at the end of a week my thoughts and more about my research per Challenge #3 suggestions, which are two fold.  I still need to get my journal cover done also! I better get a move on as I got a late start and I believe Kristine is on Challenge #4 already! lol



And our little white tailed squirrel, that was about as big as a tin can in the fall, is till with us and looks very healthy:)


And Rose Marie is enjoying Lily’s snowflakes


While Dylan enjoyed having his sister, Taylor, home from school during the snow days this week!


Herbal and Honey hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx




JoyceAnn said...

Hi Leslie ~ Glad you joined Kristine's challenge. I'm looking forward to hearing more about white pine.

~ Be Blessed ~

tansy said...

no worries leslie, you'll be able to catch up! i'm trying to keep the challenges light so that everyone can participate and not feel overwhelmed. it's not a big deal if you're a week or two behind either. :)

i'm looking forward to what you learn about pine. it's one of those herbs i really should spend more time with but don't.

karisma said...

Oh that squirrel is so cute. I am late this week. Not much time or energy to get a lot done.

Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks for the encouragement ladies! I am delighted to be taking this journey with all of you! It will be so interesting to learn more about the herbs you have chosen also:) xx

Rowan said...

That looks an interesting set of books especially the ones on Native American and folk medicine.

Comfrey Cottages said...

I really enjoy and refer to often, the different Native American herbals I have, Rowan. Gives a nice different perspective when studying something:) xx

Sharon Lovejoy said...

I love it that despite winter the garden in your mind keeps growing and flourishing.

Good girl!

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Anonymous said...

Oh, the FABulous White Pine!!

We only have yellow pine down here, but I love her so. :)


latisha said...

i am wanting to do both these too, but feeling too behind to start...hmmm you are inspiring.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Sharon, yes no matter the weather, plants are on the brain! lol xx
We have yellow pines in the Southern part of the state, Dana. :) They all might taste a bit different, but I believe their qualities are basically the same. xx
Latisha, it is no big deal if you are late. No one cares! Just hop in if you feel like it! xx

dorset cottages said...

Fascinating... My cousin was searching this kind of info. He will be very happy when I give him your url. Thanks!

*Ulrike* said...

Oh boy, I need to get caught up with everything. You are one busy lady! That squirrel is something else, at least more colorful than ours!
Big hugs to you!
Take Care,