Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Pictures for Rita and A Wonderful Discovery!

Eric and I took a drive and took some snow pictures for my friend Rita. These are two of our lakes


And then… we happened upon something I have been looking for …. the elusive Hawthorn! Yes, that’s right, my day is made! I knew we were suppose to have a couple of different types that grew in my neck of the woods, but danged if I had found them before! lol I am just bursting with happiness and wearing a big grin:) Now when I read the posts Lucinda and several other people, (who chose Hawthorn as their tree to participate with The Year of The Tree blog), I have a Hawthorn to learn from! I can not tell you all how thrilled I am:) Or can you tell?

And not just one, but all of these within a quarter mile

Please give me feedback, someone, on if you think the berries are still okay? :) I am fresh out of the ones I had ordered earlier this year. You see, I had heard her calling…. I just couldn’t find her!

Herbal and Honey hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx

Oh and Rita, I will get you more pictures! I got so excited I forgot to take anymore! xx


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you found some Hawthorns. I can't wait to read more about your journey with them, you'll have found a friend for life I'm sure.
I couldn't see that well in the pictures but to me the berries looked a bit faded and shrivelled and past their vital best, did you try tasting one? Could be they're still fine. Won't be tooo long for the blossom, I can't wait!
Love to you,

Rowan said...

I confess that I'd wait for the fresh berries later this year. WE have hawthorn all over the place here, I must have at least four in my garden, one large old tree and several young ones. I've always eaten the fresh young leaves of hawthorn, not in quantity but just picking off odd ones - my mum always called them 'bread and cheese'.

Rita M said...

Jipieee snow pics :)
Oh Leslie, thanks for this beautiful winter landscapes.
Nature is so beautiful, covered with a layer of snow.
Say hello to your brother Eric from me,it is nice that he is interested in all these things, like herbs, honey, etc.

Love you my sweet friend, you are the dearest en best.

Nice that you found some Hawthorn, beautiful trees.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Lucinda, I am so happy too:) I am so looking forward to following your journey with Hawthorn this year! The berries are past their prime, but surprisingly, not very dried out and still quite tasty and rather citrusy tasting! I have never got one fresh off the tree before! lol I always have to order dried ones. I just picked a handful and will go ahead and make tea with them:) Love to you! xx
Rowan, I am sure fresh berries will be better;) You are so lucky to have nice big garden with so many in it! I had heard that phrase, bread and cheese, before! Nice that you mention it:) I will be sure and try the leaves also. big hugs to youxx
I will try and get out to get you some more pictures, Rita xx We are having a bit more snow right now. You are so right, just gorgeous. I want to get some pictures of how the wind blows the snow in the same patterns you see in sand. Like ripples:)Do you have hawthorns also? And yes, I am very lucky to have my brother! We are so much alike:) Love to you my dear, dear friend xxxx

Rita M said...

I know two hawthorn, but both on a busy street, so not interesting to harvest.
Soon they are back in bloom :)

Hva a nice Sunday my friend and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous. We are planting some hawthorn in front of the house this year.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh that is so nice that you have room to plant some at your home, Stephany! I would love to fit one in here, but I need to research if they can stand as much shade as I have...

*Ulrike* said...

All of this is just so interesting! The photos are great too. Unreal that those are the lakes considering one would have to be very careful if you did not know as it is such a beautiful landscape!
Hugs sent your way
Take care,

ErikTyler said...

Leslie was thrilled @ this discovery, and in a public park we go to frequently - right in front of our noses! Rita, "hello" to you too, and everyone else. I'm usually always around somewhere, trailing in the waves of herbal discovery :) My apple cider vinager, echinacea tincture and elderberry goodness have all turned out great this Winter.