Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cat and Duck Updates plus some Fishing!

Well in animal news, the kittens have turned one year old! Happy Birthday to Lilac, Mugwort, Earl Jr., and Cloudpaw! This is Mama Peppermint
mamapeppermint Remember when I found her and all the herbal helpers I used to help her get well from all her dog bite injuries? It makes my heart sing to see her so happy, healthy and gorgeous these days:) Mugwort is hanging out with some herbie books and Comfrey Fairy
mugwortoneyearold Lilac was sleeping on the back of the sofa, so this is her “I just woke up” look!
lilaconeyearold Cloudpaw was so tiny for so long, and also had some medical problems I helped with herbals. He is a fine, healthy fellow now!

He doesn’t look like it in this picture, but Earl Jr. is a huge kitten! I call him Mr. Pink Nose all the time:) lol!
earljroneyearold  We have a stray mama cat and her 3 kittens living in the gardens now :( I am trying to tame them down enough to even touch. This picture was taken through the window
At least I thought there were three kittens. This morning I saw the fourth! Yikes! Another instance where someone down the line didn’t tend their cat(s) properly, and now I must.. sigh…
Other pet news, Max and Ruby were parents again. This time 15 ducklings. Luckily, we have found homes for all the little ones
GEDC7644 Been super busy between the granchildren out of school for the summer and trying to do a little spruce up around here. This freshly painted garage wall in the next picture took me a couple of days. The house next door to us is one of our rentals, and its garage wall facing my gardens was terrible looking, so I tackled that over several days.
GEDC8117 Looks so much cleaner! In that photo our a rose of sharon, elderberry, joe pye weed, pleurisy root, feverfew, milkweed, valerian, and daylilies. Maybe click to enlarge to see better:)
Been scraping and getting ready to paint two more of those metal chairs and one metal double glider. Redid an old metal milk can, but forgot to take a picture of that. Going to use it as a table between the two finished chairs. In the queue, is scraping and repainting some windows… seems it is a painting kind of year! Do you like the color I did the swing in?
GEDC8113 In this side garden are lemon verbena, pineapple sage, 4 roses, red clover, rose of sharon, daylilies, comfrey, lemon grass, beebalm, echinacea, nasturiums, primrose, hollyhocks and more. I will have to do just a plant post soon:)
We did take time to do some jug fishing recently with brother Eric. Jug fishing is fun. You just tie a line onto a jug that will float and throw it out. You will see it take off when a fish hits it
Do remember I have two giveaway drawings going until the 27th. One on the guest post by Anke Bialas, on making a Stillroom book, and the other on my book review of Homemade Health!
Herbal and Honey Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottagesxx


Pen at the Little Herb Farm said...

The kitties are all so beautiful and obviously very healthy thanks to your care. You must be a proud Mama!

Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks for visting Pen! I am so happy they are all healthy now:) Now, I have to get the strays ones tamed down and see if I can rehome them... our own home is busting at the rafters as I keep my kitties indoors only and we have a very full house

Diligent Gardener said...

Such cute cats :)

Bridget said...

Love the colour of the swing! Do you grow your Lemon verbena outdoors. I thought it was frost tender.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thanks DG:) And thank you for visiting!
Oh it is an annual here too, Bridget. With wind chill we can get -30 degrees here, so I can't overwinter frost tender plants. I am surprised I can rosemary and lavender, actually! xx

Comfrey Cottages said...

it's an annual here too Bridget. xx

Rita M said...

Nice pics of the cats Leslie.Cloudpaw is a big cat I think.
And in the garden, I love this old swings sis, and the color is just fine. And I see a good fisherman :)
Hugs XXX

Ms.Chief loves wigwams! said...

Aaaw bless their little Souls', they are sooooo gorgeous. Ferral strays becoming pets are just the best, they have so much love to give yet still maintain their zen aloofness :)
Love the swing - want one :) xXx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Cloudpaw is getting bigger, Rita. He was the tiniest one! lol!! Eric loves to go fishing with us:) love you sis!! xx
Hi Paules! Yes, our kitty Violet was feral and now, she is the biggest lover:) I hope you get a swing someday xxxx