Saturday, June 16, 2012

Litha Issue of the Pooka Pages is Ready!

This issue is jam packed with crafts, activities, gardening, stories, herbal first aid, and herbal cooking and other fun things, folks! Lot’s of ways to enjoy and celebrate Midsummer Eve :)
In this Issue:
the Storybook Chair – Pooka’s Midsummer Picnic by Lora Craig-Gaddis
Coloring Page – Litha Pentacle by Nathalie Dussault (original artist unknown)
Little Book of Shadows – Summer Solstice Ritual by Ashley Sears
The Goddess’s First Aid Kit by Evelien Roos
The Dandelion Story by Evelien Roos
Seed Blessing Ritual by Deanna Anderson 
Make a Mini-Green House by Mathew Two-Shoes
Coloring Page – Fairy Flyers (Illustration from an old book)
A Letter from Scotland by Fiona Tinker
Little Kitchen Witch – Fairy Candy by Leslie Postin
Coloring Page – Litha Banner by Nathalie Dussault (original art by Amara Karuna)
Lotions & Potions – Midsummer Fairy Potion by Suzanne & Connal 
WitchCrafts – Moon Phase Plaques by Rayne Storm
Story – Leah’s Lesson in Balance by Bridget Di Luzio
Short Story – Pooka’s Post Office Surprise by Lora Craig-Gaddis
Letters to Pooka by Wendy Fischer (and Pooka)
That’s right, your truly contributed to this issue! Pooka and I went to the herb garden and harvested some flowers and leaves for making Fairy Candy!
Enjoy this Litha issue!
Honey and Herbal Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx


Rita M said...

I love the beautiful drawings. I love the dandelion and the Fairy candy :)

Cory, Aquarian Bath said...

This is really neat. Thank you. I will show Moira

Bridget said...

Beautiful illustrations!

Comfrey Cottages said...

I love the drawings too Rita! xxxx
I hope Moira enjoys it, Cory! xxx
I just love Pooka pages, Bridget! :) xxxx

fiona said...

So good to see you in Pooka Pages!! I've been subscribed to it ever since I saw it recommended on your blog 3 or 4 issues ago .. so many wonderful ideas for nature/spirit activities to do with the little'un. Loved the flower candy xx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you Steph! I just love all the fun ideas for children and the wonderful art of Lora's :) Pooka is so much fun!! xxx