Monday, March 26, 2012

Remembered Remedies –UK Herbarium March Blog Party


I have had some interesting remembered remedies contributions!

My friend and fellow Springfield Sanctuary apprentice Jackie, asked me to share with you this lovely memory:)

All through my youth I recall my father keeping in the side cupboard a small tin of 'magic' ointment. That ointment would be produced whenever there was a hurt or accident with the promise that it would make everything better. It would cure all ails, from scraped knees to insect bites, eczema to chicken pox, burns and scolds. I swear as I got older and discovered boys it could even mend a broken heart!
I knew my sister felt the same way but I was a little surprised that my daughter would also recalled her grandad and his 'magic' ointment.
I don't think we've seen the 'magic' ointment for something like twenty years. It was long gone but still got a mention every now and again. 
Last year my daughter told me that she had located some. She was in a chemist and just happened to notice it. A buzz of excitement ran through the family. I told my mother. My mother told my sister. My sister, having related the story to her family, went on to tell me! So the next time we saw my daughter she had waiting for us three little tins, one each to treasure. It was so amusing, the first thing each of us did as we were presented with our long lost friend was open the lid and smell the contents. All of us letting out a contented murmur as we inhaled.
I'm thrilled to know that my grandson will grow up soothed and protected by his great grandad's 'magic' ointment.
What was this wonderful ointment that stopped many a tear I hear you ask... Why Zambuk of course..! A green vaseline type gunk with a unique smell.
The reason I'm passing on this story is because having acquired my new tin I looked at the contents list... The ingredients are 100% herbal. Good on ya Dad..!
Jacki “

Lady Barbara, of Lady Barbara’s Garden blog, shared her wonderful memories of how she was cared for so lovingly by her family at this link.

Allison of Allisonian’s blog shared her cool memory of Un-Syrup.

Fellow Sanctuary Apprentice Paules, of Spinney’s Herbal Sanctuary blog, shared with me about her Mum using Camphorated Oil on her for chesty conditions…
“The only thing I remember my Mum using whenever we had sore throat, chesty cough was not only Vicks heat rub but also Camphorated Oil, but she used to buy that
all ready made . .. but even so its the Camphor which is the significant ingredient. It would ease & open the airways. She would rub my chest with Camphorated oil, it was bought in a small glass bottle.”

Shullie, of Tales from the Under Gardener’s Lodge, shared Hot Ginger, Lemon and Honey tea (with an added kick), which sounds just perfect!

And my lovely Latisha shared this lovely rosy remembered remedy for a rose facial steam and a reminder about what it really means to be a strong woman

And my own Remembered Remedies:)

Much love and many thanks to all of you who contributed to make this such a fun and great blog party!
Herbal and Honey Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx


Lady of the Woods said...

oooh how sweet and enchanting was this post! I've never heard of Zambak though I have heard of "magic ointments'' some of which I make myself :D. I will need to acquire some and will think of the magic (conviction) your dad had whenever he used it. Thank you! Lady

Anonymous said...

How did I know it was going to be Zambuck? Our parents used it on almost everything - or when it was unavailable, Noxema cream. Noxema on my mosquito ravaged legs when I was little, on suburn, on pimples. I can smell them both now, ha! thanks for invoking the memories :)

Allisonian said...

Hello Leslie!
Your blog party was a delight! Thank you for your wonderful article and for all of the great info and photos! The photos were so great! They added a wonderful family tone and I am very visual, so I completely loved how there were images along with information. I aspire to that myself, and, off the subject, I love graphic novels. I have always thought of writing one about plants/herbs/earth and life cycles and the like. My husband wrote a short for a herb competition that he did the art and music and I was the idea gal and did the technical part! It was such fun. We didn't win, but it was one of the best memories! It's called 'dee seeds' :D Thank you for all of the support too!

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you Lady:)You said the magic word, didn't you? Conviction! lol! Thanks for visiting xxx
You are welcome Christine! LOL! Noxzema was used a lot in my time too:) It is so cool how scent can invoke memories! xoxox
You are so welcome, Allison! I appreciate your support also, especially with help on making this party a success! Oooooo where can I see "dee seeds"? big hugs xoxoxo

Charlie Farrow said...

I've not heard of Zambuk (perhaps it's a US thing) but I would bet my bottom dollar that the smell you remember is elderberry - sambucus nigra.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Pay up Charlie! that was Jacki B's memory and she is in the UK and it is not elder:) lol!! xxxx

Rita M said...

Never heard of Zambak before,I think it smell lovely :)