Monday, March 12, 2012

Making Bitters – Springfield Sanctuary Task

One of our tasks has been is to create a digestive bitters. The taste of bitters stimulates saliva, digestive secretions, bile release and helps with appetite and digestion. Sarah has several entries on her blog about them, if you care to peek.The following is the recipe I chose to make for this task

GEDC6803I used the rind, with the white pitch intact, of a whole lemon and half of a grapefruit. To these I added a tablespoon of honey, some chamomile (which is a bitter herb) and topped it all off with vodka.

GEDC6804This will sit in the cabinet for a month before use.

Other happenings, I saw the first Robin bird last Friday! A true harbinger of spring around my home. Since then, the main flock is back and they are everywhere!

Dylan’s little chickweed container is growing. He has been able to munch them all winter, as it is in a protected spot. But we are seeing some new growth, along with a dandelion now.

GEDC6798We tidied it up some and he had a munch

GEDC6797  The he and Ariana enjoyed some sunshine and play


Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx 


Jo-Ann said...

Oh you were adventurous with your bitters. I think I might try crowing chickweed in a tub - it doesn't grow that well on my allotment. Lovely to see your grandchildren playing in the sun. We had t-shirt weather on sunday - amazing!

Whispering Earth said...

How lovely to see Dylan munching on chickweed, you are teaching him well. :)
Your bitters recipe sounds wonderful too!

Pat said...

Excellent Post, I have not yet got around to making mine. Your recipe sounds easy peasy and lovely!
Have lemons, need to go buy a grapefruit and give it a go!

Comfrey Cottages said...

Wow Jo-Ann, t-shirt weather! We have that forecast for the rest of the week. Amazing for this time of year. I think the chickweed is nice in a container. It keeps it cleaner, and can be put in a semi shade spot so it be harvested year round. I keep nettles in a huge pot also:) Thanks for visiting xxx
Thanks Lucinda! Dylan loves to munch of his little chickweed! lol! I am trying to teach him how to pick out the best pieces and leave any old leaves, but his is indiscriminate! lol!! Glad you like the bitters recipe. There is sooo many different ways to make one, I just thought this was easy and straightforward:) xxx
Yup Pat, easy peasy is right! And should do the trick just fine! xxxx

Cheryl said...

I love the sound of the bitters. I am going to make this......definately.

How lovely to see Dylan eating chickweed....... It warms my heart, it really does.
Chickweed grows all around my garden, I use it in salads.
Poppi, my Grand-daughter loves it :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

What an adorable name, Poppi! Is this her nickname or her proper name, Cheryl? Just makes me smile to say it! :) Bitters is a taste I had to acquire. We American's are so into sweet or salty:( I was so bad for years, I wouldn't even eat the bitter lettuce leaves! Pathetic, right? I have since learned to appreciate them and looking forward to this bitter tincture to mature and try it out:) Thanks for visiting xxxx

Rita M said...

Lovely to see Dylan and Ariana playing in the garden. Nice his chickweed is growing,I think it's a good ide to plant some in a container :)
Big spring hugs to all XXX

Comfrey Cottages said...

Big spring hugs to you too Rita:) Yes, the chickweed stays nice and clean and grows well in the container:) xxxxx