Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Tele-Lecture with Guido Mase, (Pssst my fellow Springfield Sanctuary Apprentices studying Dandelion)

Urban Moonshine invites you to a free tele-lecture with Guido Mase!

Topics will include:
· Spring cleansing and detoxification from an herbal perspective
· Seasonal allergies 
· Digestive health
· Liver heath 
· Dandelion and the importance of bitter herbs in our modern diets
· Connecting to plants as medicine to heal ourselves & the earth!

visit the Urban Moonshine link for all the details. This is tomorrow folks, so you need to email them fast!

This is Guido’s great blog, A Radicle, and The Center for Integrative Herbalism he co-founded.

Urban Moonshine has some great past lectures and notes available on their site, including some wonderful bitters and tonic ones.

The Mountain Rose blog is running a great giveaway in connection with this event.


Herbal and Honey Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx




Allisonian said...
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Allisonian said...

hello! Thank you for sharing this contest! I love dandelions too! Hugs, Allison

Lisa said...

Leslie, you know if we were neighbors...we'd never get anything done because we'd be encouraging the other to out and play in the woods/field/stream/etc. :)

But, maybe this summer we can both road trip half way to meet in person.


Lisa said...

Darn iPad...that's supposed to be 'encourage each other to go out'

Comfrey Cottages said...

hugs to you too allison!
oh lisa, that would be ok wouldn't it? i mean, what else do we have to besides going and playing? lol!! we got to make the roadtrip happen!! xoxoxox