Tuesday, February 28, 2012

If I Were Little As A Bee


If I were little as a bee,

I’d let him fly away with me--

If he were willing.

I’d sit right on his back, and I

Would say”Get up,” and off we’d fly:

It would be thrilling!

I’d steer him up above the trees,

And race with every little breeze,

And beat them quickly.

I’d dip, and toss, and rise, and fall

Where vines, and flowers, near the wall,

Grew tall and thickly.

I’d chase the thoughtless butterfly

As he drank dew; then hurry by

As lightening passes.

And, when I though it right and best, I’d give my bumblebee a rest

On rocking grasses.

I’d find where fairy people live, And when I found them, I would give

Them cordial greetings.

I’d tell the fairies all I knew,

And they would tell me secrets, too,

At secret meetings.

I think it might be just as well

If you would promise not to tell

What I have told you;

For bumblebees and fairy folk

Are sad if talked of as a joke;

Besides, they’d scold you.

But, if you want to, you may try

To be as small and light as I,

And go a-flying.

At first, perhaps, you cannot see

The way to ride a bumblebee;

But keep on trying.

by Jane Tate

I found this picture and poem framed in an antique shop years ago. I can’t find out information about Jane Tate, and I don’t know if she did the illustration. Anyone have any information about this, I would love to know! You see, I do believe I see little fairies riding bumblebees around Comfrey Cottages kitchen occasionally, if I don’t close the door quick enough when I come in! Forgive the blur to the picture, but they are certainly fast!



I do believe in Fairies, do you?

Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx


Sherri B. said...

Great post...love the little fairy and friend! xo

Rita M said...

Lol :)
That is a lovely poem and beautiful picture Leslie.Love it!!
Hey,thanks for putting my link at the side Leslie xxx
Big hugs

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thanks Sherri:) Isn't he adorable? Thanks for visiting xx

Thanks Rita! You are most welcome! Glad you too love it:) It is a frame picture in my home:) big hugs to you my sis! xx

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cuteness! :D

Unknown said...

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