Wednesday, February 22, 2012

HerbCraft Spring eCamp is Open for Registration! Come on! Let’s go camping together! :)


Latisha has had a life change plan and is planning on moving this May. Instead of cancelling the eCamp, she has made some changes. This is what she has shared:

HerbCraft eCamp is now open for registration!! I am so excited to share this with you! This little idea that popped up in my head like a weed in the garden, just won’t go away no matter what excuses I throw at it. So instead of canceling the eCamp, I’ve changed it up a bit and will only be doing three weeks instead of six for this first go round. Getting ready to move has been a little more time consuming than I anticipated. I almost decided to cancel and wait for the fall, but I really just want to jump in and try it. It’s the best method for me.  Here’s a snapshot of what we will be playing with. I’d love to see you there!

Week 1: One Magic Moment in a Cup

  • Learn the difference between powerful medicinal teas and gentle teas brewed for healing pleasure
  • Go beyond your beverage as we explore other non-drinking ways to use tea for healing
  • Play with the spirit of tea and learn to read your leaves like the tarot
  • Engage your sense of sight and develop a childlike experience with your nature spot beginning to form a lasting relationship to a outdoor place close to home with a special herbcraft

Week 2: Healing Herbal Oils

  • Learn to make amazing herbal infused oils in any kitchen with fancy as well as very basic tools
  • Go beyond massage and skin remedies as we discover additional ways to use healing herbal oils effectively for a variety of ailments
  • Play with the spirit of oils and learn about creating blends for ritual and mood
  • Engage your sense of touch as we deepen the relationship to your nature spot by creating a sensual herbcraft

Week 3: Working with Flower Essence

  • Learn the sacred yet simple art of making flower essences using the plants nearest you
  • Go beyond the dropper and discover new ways to take and use your essence
  • Play with the spirit of flower essence and learn about creating spiritual baths for clarity and healing
  • Engage your intuition by creating a delicate artful herbcraft in your nature spot

Anyone who enrolls in this mini camp is invited to come back in the fall and enroll in the full six week course for only $35. You will receive a refresher on the first three weeks which will be similar material, as well as the additional medicine making and rechilding adventures added in the last three weeks.

This mini ecamp will run from March 19th through April 8th, 2012. I hope I see lots of my friends there! This will be a very, very special, intimate camp where we can share and learn, and support each other! Won’t you please join me?

Please sign up at this link. Hope to see many of my friends there!

Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Thanks for the herbal plug, CC! You're the best! xxoo Nancy

*Ulrike* said...

I have it marked on my calendar to sign up for it the first chance I sit at my computer long enough! This sounds so cool! Thanks for sharing!
Hugs to you!

Rita M said...

Sounds interesting Leslie :)
Big hugs XXXX

Anonymous said...

Leslie this is right up my alley!
Sounds so serene...
Hugs Rosemary...xox

Comfrey Cottages said...

You are most welcome Nancy! xxx Same back at ya:)
Oh Ulrike! I just know you will enjoy it!We are going camping together:) xx
Hugs to you dear sis, Rita xoxoxo
Exactly Rosemary! A very personalized, mellow, serene experience:) I am so looking forward to it:) Thanks for visiting xxx

Cheryl said...

It sounds wonderful, I hope you get a good response and have a great time with like minded people :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thank you Cheryl:) I hope Latisha has a good sign up also. She is just a lovely person with a unique, warm approach to working with herbs. A very special lady. Thank you for visiting xxx

latisha said...

leslie i am so grateful for you. and thank you for all the kinds words everyone. hope to see you there. :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

my pleasure Latisha xx thank you for hosting this camp!

Unknown said...

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