Thursday, January 26, 2012

HerbCraft – Spring eCamp


(click the picture in the right column of this blog, to learn more)

My friend, Latisha Guthrie, is offering a new herbal opportunity, for those of you interested in awakening your senses in the natural world, with the excitement of a child again!


“Campers will receive:

  • Detailed instructions on how to prepare six of the most basic and effective types of herbal remedies
  • Lively video demonstrations of the entire medicine making process
  • Complete PDF instructions including step by step photos
  • Encouragement for engaging your wild and primal self with weekly activities offering you a chance to deeply reconnect with the nature that is right outside your door
  • Gentle guidance into the sacred use of herbs with spiritual bathing, flower essences, plant journey and incense
  • A private forum to share your experience with other HerbCrafters “

This eCamp will not be dependent on the season you are now experiencing, so will be suitable for anyone interested  around the world! I like the idea of the forum too, as it will be so inspiring to visit and share with others in the camp! Please click on the HerbCraft calendula on the right column of this blog for more information and to sign up for notifications of when the camp begins. My little otter totem is especially excited about the spiritual bathing:)


Latisha’s Wild LifeNotes, a daily email containing an inspiring photo and quote, is a true joy! There is a clickable picture for her Wild LifeNotes information right under the HerbCraft picture, if you care to explore that also:)

I hope to go HerbCraft camping with many of you! This will be fun, educational and inspiring!

Big Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx

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