Saturday, May 14, 2011

Divide, Thin and Replant

On the west side of the pond area, the daylilies, violets, and marshmallow have grown so much I couldn’t even find the soapwort! I decided the next project would be to thin out that area


A bucket full of daylilies and violets to transplanted elsewhere


Found the soapwort! LOL


The cattails at the pond need divided too, but that will have to be on another day as I noticed this


I couldn’t see the lily of the valleys for the bleeding hearts and hostas! So…. thin and trim time there also and suddenly


They are blooming and I didn’t even know it! Lily of the Valleys are my daughters birth month flower, the flower for May, so especially dear to me:) My friend Debs, of Herbal Haven, wrote extensively about this lovely flower.


the pictures above and below show the area after the cleanup. I can now see and enjoy the lily of the valley now:) Btw, another reason to love this flower, my little granddaughter Lily Lynn is named for her xx

Now the strawberry bed… or should I say weed patch?


I have since removed the strawberries and put them in pots for the time being. Thinking to make a strawberry tower like my friend Anke did and posted about! Did manage to get most of this area tilled up before full dark and intend to plant it with my rose bushes, and probably plant in the front with rosemary, calendula, borage, and lavender. Will share with you when completed. It is raining today which is probably a good thing because my back needs a break. Between the garden work, the trellis revamp, my back is pretty sore!

I brought some flowers in to press. I am suddenly enamored with pressing flowers and maybe making my own cards etc with them. I don’t  think Mrs. Maude Grieve’s would mind a bit her book being used for this purpose, do you?:)



If this fascination continues, I might have to build a real flower press:O

Well off to an auction! have a great day:)

Big herbal and honey hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottagesxx



Mo said...

I love Lily of the Valley too. Do you use the Soapwort? I've never grown it and would like to try.

Rowan said...

You have been busy! I can sympathie about your back as I'm in a similar state having spent many hours over the last couple of weeks trying to restore some order to my daughter's garden! I love lily of the valley too and mine have flowered particularly well this year.

Anke said...

Goodness Leslie, you were very busy. I just love how prolific your garden is, you must be doing something right! :-) The strawberry tower is working out pretty good, but the soil does seem to settle quite a bit. So if you do decide to built one, make sure you have enough soil on had to top it off every so often.
Have a great Sunday! Hugs, Anke

Comfrey Cottages said...

Well Mo, I have plans to try using soapwort if I can ever get a good stand of it growing! lol Something so cool about trying to use such a natural product. Will let you know when I do:)
Sending you healing energy for your back Rowanxxx I bet your daughter appreciated the efforts:)
Thanks for the tip on the tower Anke! You enjoy your Sunday also xx

Rita M said...

You've worked hard Leslie.Lily of the valleys are beautiful little flowers,mine flowered 2 weeks ago.
The rose bushes with in the front rosemary,calendula,borage,and lavender is a good idea my dear.

Big hugs to you my sweet friend

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thanks Rita:) There is still a lot to do! But, I will just keep working at it:) love you xoxoxoxox

*Ulrike* said...

I almost missed my lily of the valley blooming this year too. Such sweet little things. I fell in love with them when one year many moons ago (and I do mean many!) we went for a walk up the mountain. There they were a whole small field of them next to an old homestead! Sigh.
Looks like you have been extremely busy too. You don't want to see my strawberry field, its covered with weeds and grass. I'll be moving mine too although probably after all the other 101 things.
I wish we would have a rainy day since it has been non-stop here too.
Take care of your back!