Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Stillroom Book Pages

I am having so much fun creating this! Funny how now I look and see so many things that can be made into elements of these pages. I am trying to do a side of a page a day, and at the same time, create a few blank pages and envelopes for the future.




(not overly fond of the heading details of that last photo.. probably will rework it soon! lol!)

GEDC9064 (the one I am working on now)

I can’t wait to start the sections on fairy lore, folklore, and history!

When I decided a few weeks ago to start affixing some of last years flower pressings, I was putting the cart before the horse.. In the future I am going to wait until I am arranging a page to affix them. You can see the rose I cut out of one of those already done pages, just isn’t right with that white background.. something else I will probably either improve on or remove until I have a new pressed flower to replace it with this year.

Something else I learned, those magazines you might have laying about with the article or recipe you don’t want to forget about. Go through that magazine again, cutting out any elements that might be useful in the stillroom book later, plus the recipe or article you saved the whole magazine for anyway. Then you are ready to recycle it and un-clutter your house at the same time:)

Herbal and Honey Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx


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