Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bent by the Wind and Pricked by Thorns

This year rose has been my number one ally with my SSA. I have found much common ground with my beloved rose…and learned so much about her and myself in the process…

“A rose, bent by the wind, and pricked by thorns, and yet has its heart turned upwards.”   Huna of Babylon


Life offers so many challenges.. some of them not very pleasant… the trick is to be like the rose, and accept the thorns and their lessons, and bend with the wind.. all the while still opening our heart to what the Universe is teaching us and coping by turning our faces to the Sun….

For those less than pleasant times, rose in any form will help you cope. She supports us on an emotional level with a softening action. She helps us be open to love and open to giving love, not only to others, but also ourselves.

I have learned for myself, simply applying some rose otto to my pulse points, chakras, and a bit under my nose, or rubbing safflower/almond oil I have double infused with rose, into my skin, I feel a centering and opening.

A personal story, one day, a few years ago, something had happened that just had my nerves feeling frayed, I was scattered emotionally and shaky physically, so I went in the bathroom to do my rose oil ritualistic application… I ended up totally naked, slathered from top to bottom in rose oil! Time had disappeared, or at least as I know felt as if I simply left my tired, exhausted, frayed soul behind and came back refreshed, calm and centered… a true metamorphosis had occurred.

In Ayurvedic medicine, roses are considered cooling and tonic for the mind. My own experiences with rose verifies this. One of my lessons learned on this year long journey is that rose is an important emotional supportive herb, a nervine that is steadfast in helping depression and anxiety.

chakras        ( I can’t give credit for this photo, as it is a fb foundling… if it is yours or you know whose it is, please tell me so I can give credit for this lovely photo)

Being an energy worker, I will share that physically rose works on the first chakra, symbolizing vitality and strength. Rose can help you overcome fear. Remember, fear can manifest as feeling you have no control over something…For harmony and balance I place rose scent over my fourth chakra. A dab on my third eye, helps me meditate, center, have understanding, and become one with the universe. I like to dab my third eye with rose before bedtime as it helps me to explore the dream world, and expands my intuition..

Herbal and Honey Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx


Sarah Head said...

Lovely post, Leslie. Isn't it wonderful how we can relate to the same plant and we all learn something different and yet complementary. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I so enjoyed hearing about your adventures with the ever magical rose.
It is one of those plants I always feel so grateful to have in my life.
Love to you xxxxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Sarah, the many manifestations of plants and people is what keeps learning about and being intimate with plants and plant people so ever exciting and fresh! We are all interrelated.. us, the plants, the Universe. It is so lovely! Hugs to you!

I am so grateful for her also, Lucinda. And you for sharing with me and helping me to be able to experiment further due to your gifts xxx Love to you!!

Wendy said...

What a beautiful post! I wondered why I've been drawn to rose this past year. Now I know, and will buy some rose oil to put on my chakras, instead of just rubbing rose lotion over my hands.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Hi Wendy! So sweet of you to stop by :) Glad you now know why rose has been calling to you. As a caregiver, you will find rose a steadfast helper, I am certain! And Grandma's just enjoy the calming scent too, don't we? Big hugs to you xx