Tuesday, May 8, 2012

4th Bee Swarm, Rose Cutting Update and Birthdays!

It seems the honey worked well as the rooting medium I talked about earlier. It feels as if it is rooting and we have a bloom!
GEDC7848a And look to the right. I found an European Ginger plant at a garden club sale. Anyone want to tell me about the care, growing and uses of this plant, I would appreciate it:)
Last night we had a joint birthday party for my daughter Michelle, whose birthday was Saturday, and my grandson Breven, whose birthday was yesterday. He turned 11. Happy Birthday Breven! I love you! Sorry the pictures didn’t turn out too good:(
GEDC7827a I made Michelle’s cake in the shape of a daisy, her favorite flower
GEDC7826 Last night my husband Gerald brought me home flowers from a Catalpa tree! Aren’t they gorgeous? And heavenly scented! How sweet he is!
And today, I got a phone call about another swarm. This gentleman took my camera and took some pictures of me catching it! Gerald was home so he helped me by bringing the big ladder and steadying it for me
And my hubby helping me! Glad he held the ladder as it was the tall one!
gerald When I got the call to retrieve this swarm, I went to the bee house to get my equipment together and I had noticed that the 2nd swarm I caught, hive looked very quiet, so I suited up and checked and sure enough, they had left! Guess they weren’t happy at Comfrey Cottages! lol! Worked out fine though, as I just hived this one in their box. Hopefully they will like it here. The first swarm is still industrious and seems quite settled, and Eric says the third swarm we hived seems happy at his house. Gotta run now. Someone called about another swarm while I was creating this post!
Herbal and Honey Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx


Anke said...

You are becoming quite the bee catcher... Pretty soon you'll have to built more hives to give them all a good home. :-)

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

What is going on in Illinois? The bees are all rushing to your place, CC? Lucky you? Keeping on wrangling those swarms! xxoo Nancy

Anonymous said...

Leslie - The bee and cat whisperer. :)
I'm excited to hear about the rose cutting, I will give this a try and tell my Dad about it as he does quite a few rose cuttings.
Lots of love xxx

Unknown said...

Jeepers - I really need a swarm (I've got an empty topbar hive I really want to start!) and I haven't heard of any south of the IL River :(

If you feel like selling me the next one you catch let me know!

Rowan said...

These swarms are certainly keeping you busy!
What a pretty cake you made for your daughter, hope she and Breven enjoyed their party.

Rita M said...

First and foremost a Happy Birthday to Michelle and Breven. This was a really nice cake Leslie , I love it.
Your village in very attractive for bees Leslie,I think they heard of a bee whisperer who takes good care of them :)
I love all those pictures, they are amazing!!

Big hugs XXXXX

Comfrey Cottages said...

You are right Anke, I am very busy making new hive parts!!
Nancy, May is bee swarm month everywhere!! Ask a beekeeper around you and you will hear the same thing:) xx
I was pretty thrilled the honey worked too, Lucinda lots of love to youxxxx
Unknown, where do you live? Would gladly give you a swarm! lol!
Thanks Rowan, they did have lovely birthdays xxx
Glad you like the pictures, Rita xoxox
Will pass all your birthday wishes on to Breven and Michelle ladies xoxox

*Ulrike* said...

We have had quite a few swarms this year too, and we managed to capture one of them next door. Don't they know they have a good home right where they are?! Hope they are doing well, and hopefully you will get plenty of honey this year.
Take Care,