Sunday, July 31, 2011

Full Disclosure!

It had been at least four weeks since Eric and I last visited the veg garden we put in at our nephew Scott and his wife Dawn’s, garden. Friday nite, there was a small break in the horribly hot weather we are having so we went to visit and found this…


lets see some more angles, just so you know the full truth



Not surprising with the relentlessly high heat and humidity we have had. The same weather that I simply melt in and develop shingles in. Really, it wasn’t devastating to me or anything, even though our corn did poorly, the beans disappeared we still are getting plenty or squash, gold potatoes, tomatoes, broccoli and other things:) Besides, I am fond of a few of these “weeds”. Poke, sheep sorrel, cleavers, ground ivy, chickweed, lamb’s quarters and others have been providing a playground for some adorable baby bunnies who were running around like little dervishes!

We went ahead and did a bit of tidying and harvesting and yesterday we started putting things up for winter by doing some dehydrating of tomatoes while enjoying tomato sandwiches and elderflower cordial:)

the potatoes that got speared with the fork, while digging, were cut up and frozen in the freezers. the others we are going to put up in buckets full of sand and store in the basement for the future. We have lots of squash and some we are going to go ahead and bake, scoop and freeze, some will be sliced up and frozen for later.  We are going to try and arrange root cellar type pallets or something in our basements to store some and this will be a first for us also, so will share with you all when we do.

To reward ourselves for our valiant foray into the wild and wooly garden we escaped to the lake for awhile and enjoyed harvesting a bit of monarda while there

More disclosure on the gardens around Comfrey Cottages soon. Including the beautiful burdock that is the official greeter at my front door:)

In the meantime, I disclose that my husband periodically goes to the store and lays in his supply of soda, plus many other unhealthy things! lol! I do indulge every so often, I must admit!

The kittens are 8 weeks old now, and I seriously should start trying actively to find them homes while they are still little… seems that is when people want to adopt but I find it so hard to consider when Peppermint still allows them to nurse


So I also disclose I have too much on my plate… I always do, and wouldn’t have it any other way! lol! Having a full plate is not something we always actively seek, but is sometimes just given to us by the web of life.  My gardens and a home are far from tidy, but all creatures and people within my sphere are happy and healthy so I am content.

My darling little herbie apprentice and granddaughter Lily celebrated her 7th birthday by getting feathers in her hair! lol! The apple of my eye! xxx

Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx I hope I haven’t scared you off from visiting again! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh those dear kittens, could they be more lovely I ask? My garden has suddenly gone from abundant to messy too, it's that time of year I guess! Real life is never perfect is it?
Lily looks so cool with her coloured streaks. :)
Enjoy your harvest and lots of love xxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Hi Lucinda! Oh they are just so darling Lucinda! I had to laugh so hard, as I was putting hubby's soda up, i was tossing the boxes on the floor to gather in a moment and take to the recycle bin,when i saw the kittens all gather around and start investigating them. next thing i knew, it was a free for all in and out they went. Peppermint and big Earl soon joined in! I just left them on the floor until they were just smashed and not so fun anymore:) Yes, real life is rather messsy:)
Lily did think she was very posh with her feathers! lol big hugs and lots of love to you my dear friendxxxx

Anke said...

You couldn't scare me of Leslie... :-) We were gone for just one week and the garden was in a very sad state when got back. This gardening year has been challenging to put it mildly...
The kittens are adorable and I do hope you'll be able to find loving homes for them.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Haven't checked your blog for way too long! Kittens, soda and is Lily married yet or driving? She looks like she is growing like the weeds in the garden! I don't know how you do everything you do, Leslie! Oh, maybe it's the soda! LOL! The Herbal Husband and I are taking care of our friend's cat while they are away (just a long weekend). The litter box alone was enough for me! Take care dear lady! Don't wear yourself too thin! xxoo Nancy

Samantha Saylou said...

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Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Shingles, did I miss something again? Maybe we were traveling. So sorry to hear. Hope you are feeling better, dear Leslie! xxoo Nancy

Rita M said...

Hi Leslie,
In hot and humid weather, weeds are everywhere, and then you get this.
A beautiful sight, but much work.
There was plenty to harvest, nice :)

I hope you find a good home for these adorable kittens Leslie,and Lily... well she looks lovely!

Big hugs xxxxx