Tuesday, June 7, 2011

May Pictures

Maples, Tulip, Basswoods, White Pines and Hawthorns

squirrels, mourning doves, bunnies, blue jays, robins and starlings

tulip tree flowers, valerian, honeysuckle, Julia Child rose, and the rose my daughter gave me last year:)

some of the different garden areas. the area with the birdbath has my honeysuckle, meadowsweet, parsley and lady’s mantle. the pond area has spiderwort, valerian, marshmallow, daylily, soapwort, honeysuckle bush, rose of sharon, weigla, and violets. and then pictures of how the veg garden is growing at my nephew and niece’s, Scott and Dawn, home.

Max and Ruby, the ducks


And Colin and Ariana tasting their first hawthorn leaves. Colin calls it his salad tree now:)

Well, I had so many things happen in May, especially with adopting Peppermint, I had not had a chance to share these pictures:)

Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx



*Ulrike* said...

Such a beautiful May for you! Lots of things going on and growing in your area. Hopefully you are not having the bad heat that we are getting here. Your little ones are growing up so fast too, its nice that they have a grandmother that teaches them all of these wonderful things!
Take Care,

Rowan said...

My mum always used to call hawthorn leaves 'bread and cheese'. I still pick and eat a few when they are young and tender in the spring.

Lisa said...

What wonderful variety! :)

Leanne said...

ahh I didn't know there was a Julia Child rose I'll try & get one.
Love your photos

Rita M said...

Beautiful May pictures Leslie.
I love the roses!!

Big hugs XXXX
Rita :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks for visiting ladies and taking a peek at the pictures:) that is interesting about the bread and cheese Rowan! I have heard others call it bread and butter! either way, when they are young leaves, they are delicious!! xxoxox