Wednesday, April 20, 2011

UK Herbarium April Blog Party!

I feel so honored to host this party. I hope all of you enjoy reading these lovely blog party entries as much as I did!

from Lucinda at Whispering Earth blog, I just loved learning new things about Jack-By-The-Hedge, Alliaria petiolata, also known as garlic mustard! Also, Lucinda’s idea for a lovely spring tonic is just brilliant! Do stop by and wish her luck with her ground elder challenge.

Over at  De Kleine Tuinier- The Small Gardener blog, my sweet friend Rita shares just a lovely elderflower recipe that has me all excited for our trees to bloom out!

Danielle, of The Teacup Chronicles blog, shared a wonderful idea for how to assemble a perfect spring salad, using a bit of wild forage and new tender garden plants! Yum!

At Herbal Nature blog, Marci shares pictures and the story of her recent wild foraging adventure with cottonwood with some beautiful scenery scenes from her corner of the world.

Dana, of the Southern Herbalist blog, shares some gorgeous wild foraging photos and tells about her love affair with wild rose and dandelions:)

Shamanic Winds, of the blog, A Practical Year in Herbalism with Goldenrod, shares very deeply her spiritual and emotional journey with plants.

thank you to everyone who participated this month! Big herbal and honey hugs to each and every one of you!

Remember in my post for the party, my picture where the black cohosh, angelica, comfrey, skullcap, self heal are planted? Well, last night we had a rain of what seemed like biblical proportions and this is how that same spot looked during those rains!


I have a feeling I am going to have self heal, skullcap and cleavers are going to popping up in places I didn’t plant it, don’t you! lol Luckily the little greenhouse stood up to the winds!

Eric suggested I share the following link with you all tonight. Wild foraging expert Samuel Thayer, recently went foraging behind the National Public Radio station in Washington DC, in the US, and the pictures and the audio story is truly inspirational!



Anke said...

We've had some rainstorms like that here, too. It's incredible how wet this spring has been so far...

Comfrey Cottages said...

That was actually the worst we have seen in years, Anke. I had been watching on the weather station your area this year, and thought you must be about drowned down south! xx

Anonymous said...

Oooh thanks for that great link! I really enjoyed it :) We've had some terrible rains and lots of wind too - and today it has turned into snow which I am most upset about! Anyhow,I'm off to read all these great posts. What a surprise it shall be seeing where all your herb seedlings end up!
Heres to some beautiful spring days coming soon!

Rita M said...

Thanks Leslie for the shared link from all those who shared the Blog Party. The weather here is warm and dry.

Have a nice evening my friend XXXX

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh no Danielle! Snow again?! It is raining again here, sigh... don't know when we will get into the garden! Well, April showers bring May flowers, right? :) xx
Oh Rita, warm and dry weather sounds nice:) Enjoy!! xx

Rita M said...

Warm and dry yesterday, today, sun, rain and thunder over here :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

just rainy here today Rita:) xxxx love you!!

Marcia said...

Hi Leslie, thank you for the lovely words on my blog, yes, you may use my words, just acknowledge they are mine and away you go ! Being a natural beekeeper is a huge passion of mine and I am looking forward to next spring with all the new ideas and thoughts I have been gathering up !
We had a very wet spring also, the weather is certainly changing ... we just have to change with it. Marcia
( my other blog will show up when I send this comment, for those interested, the blog Leslie left a comment on is `Bees in the Antipodes`)