Sunday, March 13, 2011

Thank You Nancy Reppert and Rosemary’s Sampler xx


Thank you to Nancy Reppert,owner and culinary artist of Sweet Remembrances Tearoom.  Nancy and her sister Susanna Reppert- Brill of the Rosemary House, host a blog called Rosemary’s Sampler. Not long ago, on one of their blog posts, this wonderful recipe booklet was offered just for the asking. I thank you for sharing with us the wonderful booklet, Cook Better with Flavoring Oils Recipes. What a treasure this is! In case you readers can’t read it well in the picture, the little drops say: Add to spaghetti, juice, soups, cookies, candies, cakes, coffee, eggnog, teas…. there is even more in this little booklet, such as how to make Pineapple Zucchini:)

These ladies come from a family who can trace 6 generations of family herbalism. Their mother, Bertha Reppert’s, books are some of my most treasured and referred to herbal learning resources, besides just being fun and full of tidbits:) This next book is where I learned how to make shrubs a couple of years ago.  I am enjoying a hawthorn shrub as I write this :)


In case you don’t know, shrub drinks are basically fruit, ( I have thrown in some leaves and flowers at times) infused in a vinegar for about 4 days, then sugar or honey is added , if using sugar you boil it, strain (if desired) and bottle it. I don’t boil the mixture using honey, although I might gently warm it a bit to get it a little runny.  About 2 ounces of this fruit syrup is added to water for a refreshing, healthy drink:) Children seem to like the tart and sweet taste of shrubs also. There are lots of recipes online, so explore and experiment and enjoy this lovely drink often. :)


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Lucky you, CC! How I got started blogging through reading Rosemary's Sampler! They are a great herbal family!

Comfrey Cottages said...

they are arent they Nancy:) thanks for visiting xx

Rosemary said...

Glad you enjoyed the booklet Leslie! I'm also happy to hear you've enjoyed my mother's books too. She left a wonderful herbal legacy.

The Forest Apothecary said...

I used to vist the Rosemary House years back! My favorite was an herb-salt-flavoring they had called "RoastMary." That stuff was the best!

Herbaholic said...

I've just been looking at Amazon Leslie, Mrs Reppert's 12 month herbal looks like a book I'd like to add to my library, it's not available in the UK though only on .com and they won't ship to the UK :( Thanks for sharing the book info my dear :)

D x