Saturday, November 6, 2010

Secretariat – Excellent Movie

secretariat and penny

I wanted to write about this movie for several reasons. The horse playing Secretariat was magnificent. The entire production was top notch, from casting, wardrobe, set and directing etc, set this film as a classic. The story of Secretariat is true horse racing hero story on many different levels. Not only did Secretariat, himself shine his star brightly, the humans involved with him were true examples of  hero of spirit. This is the sort of story that teaches us to follow our dreams, be bold, (but polite), assert your rights, honor your ancestors, put your heart into yours dreams, and many other inspiring lessons. For those of you not familiar with the story of Secretariat, and the story of how a housewife became the owner of The Horse of the Year, I would advise you to take a minute and read this page on Secretariat’s site.


I will tell you I am uncertain how I feel about horseracing these days. I will say I am against any abuse of an animal and that being said…

To see the synergy of  Secretariat and his humans, (in this movie), and to know it was an accurate and factual presentation of the events, just gave me goosebumps. The story of Secretariat is not just about horseracing.It is about forming bonds with others through common goals, about learning to support and encourage others as well as yourself, listening to your inner voices, and strengths. It is the sort of story that is about heroes, and I believe it a good movie to support and promote all the good qualities and aspirations we all have.

Now, I lived during this time. Secretariat was called Red or Big Red by those who worked with and loved him. Big Red fever spread through the world as this magnificent horse broke record after record, even globally. We all knew the story of the humans at the time also. They all too ran the heroes race, each in their own way. I think this would be a good movie to take a young person to see. Penny, Secretariat's owner, and her story, as well as her daughters,would be wonderful examples to encourage all the good qualities we try to foster into the young people in our life. Actually all of the people involved stories will lift all up who watch it:)

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Jennifer said...

I had a book as a teenager about Secretariat. One of my favorites! I didn't realize there was a good movie about him, I will have to check it out. Thanks!

ErikTyler said...

Leslie and I grew-up on a farm in West Central IL,USA. We were fortunate to have horses. The one I remember was a tall (to me @ the time!) black stallion Quarter horse named Midnight. I remember riding fast up and down the corn rows, jumping creeks, and my horse being my best buddy when I was young. I still think of Midnight, and the other horses, often. This movie was EXCELLENT, well made, well acted, and seemed spot-on with the story. A "must see" for any horse lover. ~ Erik