Friday, August 27, 2010

Rejoicing in the fruits of Mother’s labor




A week ago, my brother Eric and I harvested the first pictures batch of elderberries, from a wild spot. These were preserved as a tincture, and syrup, and some were dried. We also harvested from a feral pear tree, and I have been letting them soften just a tad on the counter. Pears are a fruit that seems to develop well, on one’s counter, if it is picked a bit hard. The wild plums were picked by Katee and a week ago. We picked them yellow, and they have developed a nice red color, also in the kitchen. Last night, Eric and I went and picked the last of the elderberries at our spot, and I have been invited to a friends property to harvest what berries she has, this morning. Eric introduced me to a nice lady, last evening, who has an apple tree, but didn’t want to harvest from it. We went to her home last night and got a tour of her lovely garden, I tried the apple, it was nice, so made plans to harvest there today. In the meantime, I had talked to our local state museum folks, and been assured I can harvest the wild plums Katee and I found there. So…. I need to go to Val’s to pick elderberries, stopping at the store for her on the way….bring berries home, emptying the carrying basket, get Katee to go with me for the plums, stop and get apples on the way home… and then get busy canning up the pears and de- stemming the elderberries. I might wait and do up the plums in the morning. Just depends on how it goes!

This past few days, we have enjoyed cooler temperatures and I am just rejoicing in the gifts from our Mother’s labors.



Anke said...

You're going to be one busy lady picking and then preserving all those goodies. Gotta love all those freebies though...
Have a great weekend,

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh yes, Anke! Love the freebies for sure:) You have a wonderful weekend also xx

Rita M said...

it's a busy time for you Leslie,harvest elderberries, plums apples and pears.
Have a wonderful weekend my friend :o)

Comfrey Cottages said...

hi rita xxxx hope your weekend is gorgeous!

*Ulrike* said...

Isn't it nice to get the freebies?! You are going to be very busy in the coming week taking care of all of your goodies!!
Take Care,

ErikTyler said...

That I remember, Ive never had elderberry before. I like most all berries, so I'm sure I'll like them. Sure hope so, kinda tough to find and pick them as they were off the highway near a creek off a corn field; Leslie spent lots of time processing them too. Another goodie to have during Winter.