Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ancient Beehives found at Rosslyn Chapel


Look at the flower embellishment on the pinnacle. It has a hole in it for the bees to enter.


I love stories about the history of our bees and civilization. Rosslyn Chapel, just outside Edinburgh, has been a holy place for centuries. Its name means either “point of a waterfall” or “ancient knowledge down the line” depending on who you ask. One of the magical spots in the world I would love to see first hand someday. This link tells you more about this amazing discovery!


Vegan Epicurean said...

That is fascinting. Thank you so much for sharing the story and link. :-)


Anke said...

How neat and how very interesting! Thanks for sharing this with us.
Have a wonderful weekend!

janet said...

Wow, Leslie, you always find the coolest links. That is fascinating and beautiful. I hope the bees return when they are done renovating.

*Ulrike* said...

Now that is a beehive! Very beautiful and interesting. Once again another link to look at, but I have been so busy lately I'll add a note to my note book so I won't forget!