Saturday, November 7, 2009

American Gothic: Leslie and Gerald Style

american gothic

Yesterday my husband Gerald and I both had a day off at the same time. He needed to go to Iowa to his buddy’s house he buys pigeon feed from. We headed out early under bright beautiful skies. After we got the feed we decided to just nose around a bit and kept driving down the highway, stopping here and there to browse antique malls and get something to eat. While cruising we happened to see one of those brown highway markers that indicate historic sites (we stop at a lot of those we see when we journey around), and this one said The American Gothic House. We take the off ramp and end up in this little, lovely town called Eldon. Wonderful town with lots of things to do there btw. Anyway, we found The American Gothic House visitor center and went in. Really super fun folks! I suppose most American’s are familiar with the painting called the American Gothic, but I never knew the story behind it or anything about the artist really. I am just going to include this link if you are curious about all the background yourself. After touring the place I was reminded just how many times this particular painting has been used as magazine covers, used to advertise products like Neuman’s organic food line and other things. This painting has really became part of our American culture!

The visitor center had costumes you could slip on and for $2 (what? that is right only 2 bucks), they would take your picture in front of the house! Now who could resist that? Not me!!! Well, enjoy my pics of my journey to this American landmark and take time to visit the link if you like, it is great!









A couple of friends said that our pic should be our Holiday Card this year, I wonder….

Herbal and Honey Blessings to all of You


Anke said...

The picture is great!!! I think it would make a wonderful holiday card. How about black and white, or glittered, or....

Rita M said...

I love the picture Leslie!!!
A holiday card ... perhaps worth thinking about :)

Vegan Epicurean said...

Great picture! I also think it would be a great holiday card. Thanks for sharing.


Linda Stubbs said...

Is that picture the cutest or what?????? Love it. I agree! Christmas card.

How are you? Hope all is well.

Blessings, Linda

*Ulrike* said...

Such a great story and picture...maybe we might see it on an herbal product!!!! I followed the link and read about it; never really knew the story, but have seen the picture all my life.
Hope you are having a great weekend, and thanks for sharing the interesting story!
Take Care!

Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks everyone we had a blast visiting the site and having the picture taken. glad you enjoyed the link ulrike:) i am find linda, just busy as usual:) how are you sweetie?

Julia said...

I would have done the picture in an instant! No brainer there! That looks like fun to me too.

janet said...

Aww, cute pic! That looks like a really interesting place. Thanks for the link, I love learning the history of stuff.

Unknown said...

Cute place - thanks for taking the time to share and to post the photos!

Comfrey Cottages said...

janet, julia and new friend maribeth, thank you all for visiting! it was alot of fun and so nice to learn new things also:) big herbal and honey hugs and blessings to everyone who visits comfrey cottages:)

Laura of said...

Dear Leslie... You absolutely SHOULD use this photograph of you and your hubby as your Christmas card! I enjoyed this article, and perhaps will get there one day!