Monday, April 2, 2012

Bees, The Woods, Creeks and Kids

Little itty bitty bee on an apricot bush blossom, bumble bee heading in to ravage the bleeding hearts, and Lily Lynn with her pink hive
buttercups, spring beauties, purple dead nettle and sapling Ohio buckeye
toothwort, dandelion, nettles and bloodroot
wild rose, Ohio buckeye blooms (the pink ones mean they have been pollinated), and honeysuckle.
We also found violets, phlox, may apples, cleavers, elderflowers, trout lilies, trilliums and more!
Every deadfall was climbed, crossed and explored!
Evan, one of my grandsons. (Lily’s brother)
My youngest son Tommy (Taylor and Dylan’s dad)
Granddaughters Lily and Taylor
Tommy and Dylan
Evan, her best buddy Shelby and Evan had just been exploring how sharp the thorns are on the honey locust tree… and then the kids decided to hide behind trees from me.. I hollered at Taylor just in time to stop her from putting her face in some thorns on a different honey locust! We are looking forward to coming back when their seedpods are on and are nice and juicy with honey-like flavored goodness!
The creek had a fallen log which just begged to be crossed
The kids nibbled on redbuds, and spring beauties, learned to roll the top leaves of nettles into a ball and pop them in their mouth. We talked about all the different edibles and medicinal plants we found, including the elderflowers for fevers. By the time this group of youngsters are grown, they are going to be well versed in wood lore and herb lore. They love it! We all had to put on a “Badge of the Woods”, cleavers and had a nibble and a great discussion about them too:)
Lily with her badge of the woods and her great t-shirt she designed and made herself!
Sometimes I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude for this beautiful world we live in and to be blessed with such a wonderful family!
Honey and Herbal Hugs to all Who Visit Comfrey Cottages xxx


Anke said...

What a great day spent outdoors with your family! The kids are learning so much from you and I know they will definitely appreciate it in the future. You're such a great mom and grandma! :-)

Whispering Earth said...

It looks like a beautiful day Leslie! Lily's T-shirt is so wonderful it really warmed my heart. :) xxx

jill said...

Lovely happy pictures xx

Rita M said...

What a beautiful day you had there, together with the whole family. And you alraidy knows, I love Lily's T- shirt.
Big hugs XXXX

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thanks ladies! We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful place and all be healthy, and able to get out and enjoy it:) xxx