Saturday, October 22, 2011

Serving as the Dining Room Table


I took time to stretch out on the sofa recently, and soon found myself covered in kittens. (The white kitty is our oldest cat, Rose Marie). Mama Peppermint came into the room and was rather frantically calling out, looking for them, so I called her over….


She jumped up and immediately lay down for them to nurse…


and received a well deserved wash up from Earl Jr. afterwards..



And yes, we still have all the kittens! They are nearing 5 months old so I have a feeling they are staying right where they are, in our home, with their mother who still will search them out to snuggle and nurse them. I see everyday how much she loves her babies, and have no desire to separate them. If karma chooses someday to send a special person my way, who wants and needs a cat, I might consider letting one go to a new home, but not now, no way will I break up this family. When I found Peppermint, part of her healing was a promise, a promise to keep her safe and happy for all time, and that included her unborn babies.

Hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx


Our Cloudpaw, is still having issues with his leg injuries, but we are improving! A post about his herbal journey soon!


Anke said...

I love how much you care for your cats and kittens. :-)

De Gulle Aarde said...

I LOVE cats, we have three now, all born here. I do like kittens, but can't let them go so we decided to give the girls a birthcontrolpill.
It must have been a great feeling, all of them trusting you.
Have a good sunday.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Leslie this is so wonderful! They look so adorable. You lucky thing having such a warm blanket of cats. (I'm quite jealous!) :)
It's such a joy to see them all doing so well and looking so healthy. 5 months old, I can hardly believe it!
What are all their names?
It was surely Peppermint's lucky day when she ended up in your care. Thanks for sharing some pictures of them- the one of the two hugging made me want to weep!
I hope kitten Cloudpaw makes a full recovery very soon.
With love,
Lucinda xxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Thanks Anke xxx I am a sucker for kids and animals, and oldsters:) xxx
Oh Hanneke, I already had 7 cats, all foundlings, that I have neutered. I have always neutered my cats, and actually had not raised a litter of kittens in about 30 years! When I found poor Peppermint, she was injured and pregnant... so no choice but just to heal her and accept the kittens... I really never WANTED this many cats... I just couldn't turn my back on them:) I will have to look on your blog for pictures of your cats:) I love them also, as you can tell. You have a lovely day also xxx
Well Lucinda, the little calico stripey girl is Lilac, the big beefy tom is Mugwort, aka Mugzey, and the other tommy with black, grey and white is Earl Jr. He should have had his own name and I was campaigning for Darwin, but he looked so much like another cat we have named Earl (named after one of my favorite comedy characters in the show My Name is Earl), that the family had dubbed him Earl Jr., aka EJ, and I can't get them to budge on it, so Earl Jr. it is! lol! And of course Cloudpaw... funny how that one turned out considering the time we have had with him ending up with two different legs/paws injured... thank you for the well wishes for him:) Love to you always dear

Anonymous said...

Wow! Being covered by two cats is a treat, but to be smothered by a whole kitty family would just be short of heaven :) What an adorable family they are too, and I good for you for being such a wonderful protector to the lovely Peppermint and her family! You two are quite lucky to have found each other, you seem like a perfect match :)

Warm kitty hugs to you,

Comfrey Cottages said...

Awww big warm kitty hugs to you Danielle:) I do admit, it is a special warm feeling to have Peppermint in my life! She is such a good little mommy cat:) Bless her little heart, she was nothing but a kit herself. love to you my friend:)

*Ulrike* said...

You can certainly tell that you are loved, and your kittys look very happy!

Rita M said...

Your love for cats in infinite Leslie. They are so adorable :)

Have a nice evening my friend XXX