Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rosie’s good news, plants and plans

well rosie’s good news is she is walking, using her litter pan, and even sneaking into my arms in bed at night:)
that’s rosie and young dandelion.
whew, i lost the month of february folks. sending you all love and apologize for missing out on so much you all did in blogland! i spend about 8 hours a day at dylan’s house during the week, and when i was home and had chores done, i spent alot of time in this closet with rose marie. when she was still so crippled she drug her legs, i shut the door during the day (its louvered), just because i was so afraid she would get hurt worse if dande decided to play chase with her again. when i was home, i would leave it open and was able to  monitor. at first, she was totally incontinent both ways and that was an around the clock effort to keep her both clean and bathed and the laundry done! as she seemed stronger, did gentle little exercises with her legs and feet, and nice whole body massages. when she made those first overtures at trying to stand a bit, i put a small shallow box with the side out in the far corner of the cleaned out closet for her litter tray. what a celebration it was when she first went poop in it:) and then when i found her bathing her own nether regions… i was over the moon.  than i started gently holding her up with my hands under her weak rear end and gently putting the lame leg in the proper stance, while supporting it, thinking to help train those muscles and nerves. with rosie being older i figured she probably had a bit of what some older people get with an injury. those times when she would move without thinking and the times when she still acted like she did when it first happened. slowly, slowly she improved. then suddenly… she disappeared! yup folk, just up and disappeared on me! well….. last week i woke up at 4 in the morning ( i tried to get up every two hours to turn the heating pad back on in her little bedroom closet), stumbled into my den and no rosie. the basement door was cracked open as the cats can run around down there also and apparantly she decided to take a walk! i hunted for 45 minutes down there and up here and never did find her. she just suddenly came tearing ass up the basement stairs kind of running on the bum leg and kind of dragging it! wow, did i feel more grey hairs. i am trying to keep that door closed unless i am right here in the kitchen till she gets a bit better. well now she is walking around a bit steadier and kind of jumping clawing her way in bed with me and i am feeling better about her recovery. she still has a little bit of urinary incontinence (hope that doesn’t happen in my bed!) i stopped giving her comfrey when she first started to walk a bit and have eased off her couch grass/cleavers and am going to explore something to help tone her bladder/urinary tract now that we have forestalled a uti(still being watchful of that though). will keep you all posted on how she does and might even be able to catch up a bit with you all now that i am not constantly in the closet!lol i guess the kind of herbalist i am is like graham greene’s character, leonard, in the series northern exposure! lol i gotta keep close to my patients;)
on to plants…. the gardens aren’t doing much yet. still alot of snow. but i did find…fern
several kinds of mint
…and some lambs ear (natures bandaids)
lambs ear
we had our second herb club meeting and it was great. several more people showed up and everyone showed genuine enthusiasm for herbal medicine and wildforaging:) we each chose an herb to talk on next month and i chose dandelion and violets as most folks knew a bit about dandelions and really nothing about violets, and both should be going good by then.
i have been rearranging things around here for my convenience on my herbal studying also. i have moved my puter right onto the kitchen table from my den. that way it is right here when i need to look up something while doing my chores, or to listen to one of the many herb videos available on the net. convenient to be able to listen to the herbmentor videos and lessons.Also moved some of my books onto a shelf that used to have knick knacks on it
i already had managed to squeeze a few book shelf spots into the kitchen before
my den is right next to my kitchen, but my kitchen is where i hang and any steps i can save, is more time to be either cooking or studying;-) anyway, i was running out of shelf space on the den bookshelves, lol. need to get in that room and do some more stuff before i post pics of it. i have taken so many book and put them in boxes in the basement. alot of my nature story books and others i can’t bare to part with, but need the space for my bee and herb/wildforaging books in there now.


got to see my first 3D movie this weekend. my husband knew i loved the movie avatar when i saw it, so took me to see it in 3D! totally cool! got about 12 inches cut off my hair the day before so here is me in my 3D glasses and with a new hairdo!
little things can brighten a day this time of year. we are just now starting to have a few sunny days and a bit of melt. this little dust pan i found at the goodwill made me smile ( i needed it too!)
spring is coming! there are so many reassuring signs. one being the snow geese migration
well, i must go make our supper now. i am having squash with hickory syrup:) making my hubby some wild caught salmon. sent him shopping at the river for cottonwood bark and willow branches. i haven’t even had time to the herbal recipes and projects from february’s issue of herbal roots zine yet! love and hugs to all of you who visit comfrey cottages


Anonymous said...

WOW, I really enjoy reading your blog.
What a lucky Cat to have such a wonderful Mommy.

Lisa said...

So much to comment on!!!!!

***You look beautiful in your 3D glasses and hew hair cut!
***Rosie is one lucky gal!
***Yeah, the ground! Glad your snow is melting too!
***Love the bookshelves/nooks in your kitchen.
*** I remember your comments last year about dandelions, but did you post about violets? You'll have to remind me or share your knowledge after your next meeting.

Glad it's March...sounds like you are ready for a change of seasons.


Anke said...

I'm glad to hear Rosie is doing so much better. You did an awesome job taking care of her, not everybody would be this dedicated to their pet.
You look very pretty with your new haircut!
What do you plan on doing with the willow branches? I always learn something new from you...
Have a wonderful day,

Comfrey Cottages said...

thank you barbara! so nice of you to visit:) please feel welcome anytime"hugs"

oh lisa thank you! i lost 12 inches with that cut!lol my hair was getting so long and just dread locked, i was sick of it! and oh yea, i will post here my little talk notes on both dandelion and violets:) love ya gal

hi anke!i feel so bad i haven't had to comment on all your posts this last month:( you are always doing such interesting things:) your girls are soooo lucky! i would love to be your neighbor:) with the willows, i hope to maybe make a living playhouse and to tincture some to use in place of asprin.

it is just my nature to want to be close to any creature i am trying to help heal, be it the grands, their pets or mine or anyone else.
love and hugs to all of you:) you are my chosen tribe

janet said...

Leslie, I am so glad your cat is doing better, you are wonderful!!
Loving the haircut too:)

Comfrey Cottages said...

awwww thank you janet sending you love and hugs

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

So that's what you have been up to, dear friend! You look like a teenager with that new do! So glad your kitty is better! You are a great kitty mommy! Also like books wherever they may land! Take care. Glad you are back blogging! xxoo Nancy

Comfrey Cottages said...

me to nancy! i have felt bad i haven't been able to keep up with everyone! i swear, i was still thinking this was february today and here it is march 4th! yikes!

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Time just flies by both in the good times and the not so good. Take care, Leslie!

JoyceAnn said...

So happy to hear that Rose Marie is doing so well. You did a wonderful job of nursing her , she's a lucky cat to have you as her Mom.

Putting the herb books in the kitchen , now that's a great idea. It's amazing how we never think of these simple little things until we read them on someone else's blog. I don't have built in shelves though , so I'll need to find a cabinet.

I have a question about your lambs ear plant , does it bloom? If so , what color is the bloom ? My Mom has a plant in her flower bed that looks like that. I thought it was mullien sprouting , but she said it was a flower.

~ Herbal Blessings ~

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh joyceann, i just have that one little knickknack shelf as a built in, the other on between the trash can and one of the herb cabinets, is a little corner shelf i found and popped in that spot! i know, i am the same way! i will see something cool someone has done and go, "duh", why didn't i ever do that! lol this set up sure is more convenient and i am getting to enjoy my herbal things alot more now:)
thanks for the kind comments on rosie:) i am so happy, i was so worried, i still keep wondering where febrary went from the worry.
i will look around when i get home(i am at my sons house) and see if i have some pics of my lambs ear in bloom. it has long purple blooms like a lavenders kind of. if you don't have any, and want some, let me know. i will just mail you some starts. thanks for stopping by . love and hugs