Monday, May 11, 2009

The Birds and The Bees

worked diligently to get the second super ready and installed on the new hive yesterday. doing something new this year folks. i am going to foundationless frames in the new hive. i will post about that soon. pretty excited about it! so i was in the gardens all day working on this project, so got to see some cool wildlife flitting in and out amongst the new flowers and around the pond. there were little baby goldfinch fledglings flying from the bleeding hearts, to the pond and all around. the carpenter bees were really busy too! been seeing a pair of blue jays every day so figured they nested close. there was a robin fighting with a blue jay yesterday, and my neighbor found some robin eggs in his yard. well i finally located the blue jay nest in my pine tree and i have a suspicion that the jays outsed the robins eggs and took over the nest! whenever the jays aren't in the nest i kept catching the robin up there looking around. jays eat bees and they keep sitting on the fence where the hives are and i can see them snatching a few. hope everyone had a beautiful mothers day! hugs :)


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Blue Jays are definitely naughty birds! Happy Mother's Day! :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

aww happy mothers day to you too jennifer!!!:) i know, who would figure something that gorgeous would be so very naughty!lol