Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Homemade Health by Anke Bialas – Free (for a few days) ebook for Your Kindle!

homemade health
This is book three in Anke Bialas’ Herbology at Home Series.  What really speaks to me, in this book, is the fact that it helps show us that herbal home medicine making is a craft that has been practiced for eons and it is accessible and practical for all of us. Through the ages people have been using common culinary herbs not only for flavoring food, but also for the medicinal qualities of these plants. Anyone can tend themselves or their loved ones with some of the everyday complaints we humans are prone to, with the help of these herbs. Homemade Health will help you learn how to create remedies for forty three different health ailments using herbs you probably already have in your larder or growing in your kitchen garden. I will share this, I have been making my own remedies for quite awhile now, and I still found lots of new information in this book! Anke has drawn upon the herbal knowledge her paternal grandmother passed down to her and I thank her so much for sharing with us, through this book!
There is a section with the healing properties of some common culinary herbs, over 160 remedy recipes, tips for when to harvest and how to preserve the herbs, easy to follow directions for preparing base remedies, such as creams, ointments, syrups, tinctures and more.
Anke’s goal of her Herbology at Home Series, is to help us realize that each and every one of us have the ability to help support and tend some of our own health issues, (or prevent them), right at our own fingertips. We don’t have to be doctors, herbalists, great gardeners, or chemists! With the help of her tips, ideas, suggestions we can start using common culinary herbs right in our own kitchens to make our own homemade health:) These are home remedies your grandmother knew. Simple and effective treatments right from your own pantry.

Now, Anke has generously offered a chance for us to dowload this book in ebook form to our kindle or other favorite device for free for a few days! If you don’t have a kindle, you can download one for your computer or mac for free on amazon. You can also download it to many smartphones and tablets too. Just follow the link to see all the ways Amazon has for you to take of advantage of Anke’s offer!!
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Anke Bialas said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for letting your friends know about the freebie period. 

Originally, the plan was to aim for 2,000 free downloads a day. I thought that after the 5 day period, 10,000 sounded like a nice round number, right?

Well, I underestimated the herbally inclined reader out there. It has been 42 hours into the 5 days, not even 2 whole days yet and already 6,200 copies of Homemade Health have been downloaded. 

To say I am blown away is an understatement. Lol

So please go ahead everybody, there is no limit on numbers, just on days. 
Let's see how many we can give away!!!

Herbal hugs all around!

JStom said...

Omg, wow!
Thank you, both!!!

Comfrey Cottages said...

You are so generous Anke!! Thank you!!! xxxx
You are welcome JStom!!