Thursday, December 8, 2011

On My Mind… Heirloom Roses


The hemisphere I live in is fast approaching winter. It was gloomy, a little snowy and cold when I came home and found my Heirloom Roses catalogue in the mailbox. I changed into some comfy fleece pants, made a cup of tea with both rosehips and rose petals and settle back to enjoy the catalogue with visions of spring dancing through my mind. As I wishfully peruse each page, I read each flowers description with the avidness of a wine connoisseur reading the wine list at an upscale eatery…the fragrance is my weakness, with the actual beauty being secondary.  Tess of the d’Urbervilles, fragrance: exceptional, Myrrh; Lexy, fragrance: Moderate, Spicy; Crocus Rose, fragrance: Very, Tea; Lilian Austin, fragrance: Very, Clove; Strawberry Hill, fragrance: Very, Myrrh/Lemon; Tea Clipper, fragrance: Very, Citrus; CL Iceberg, fragrance: Moderate, HONEY!!!; Galaway Bay, fragrance: Very, Old Rose; Creme de la Creme, fragrance: Moderate, Fruity; Veilchenblau, fragrance: Very, Orange; Cecile Brunner: fragrance, Light, Pepper, Spice… I have a giddy, heady feeling just reading these descriptions.

I will eventually come down to earth and sort through first by fragrance, then by beauty and bloom time, of course, keeping in mind my actual planting zone, but in the meantime… what is on my mind is fragrance…and away I drift on a waft of rose scent….

This is my contribution to Herbology’s What’s on my mind blog post.

Big herbal and honey hugs, and a bit of rose scent thrown in, to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xxx


AnkeB said...

Thanks for taking part in Fridays' 'On my mind...' Leslie.

What a wonderful idea to read a rose catalogue while sipping on rosy tea. I have dreams of getting some antique varieties when we next move (hopefully before I am old and grey).

Enjoy your cooler weather as we head into our hot/storm/crazy weather season.


Comfrey Cottages said...

My pleasure, Anke:) I am hoping to fit another one into my mostly shady yard... sometimes I lust to cut out one of these huge trees so I get more sun for gardening.. then when it gets beastly hot out.. I am most grateful for their shade! big hugs to you:)

Anke said...

How I would love to be able to plant a few rose bushes... I had quite a few at our old house, but since hubby had to mow and weed-eat around them, he told me "no more at the new house". :-( The sad thing is, once we sold the old house, the new owners told us they would rip out all the roses to widen the driveway. :-( Hope your December is filled with lots of joy and laughter, and not too stressful.

Rita M said...

Leslie, how can you do this to me, all those beautiful roses and their fragrance.There are so many types that I would love to have in the garden, but my garden is too small :(

Big hugs my friend,

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I so relate to this having spent hours with my nose in rose catalogues and websites. They all sound so wonderful, how does one ever choose! I think that rose catalogues are the places where obsessions are born.

I have just had three new bare roots delivered, two old roses and a rambler. Can't wait to get them in the ground tomorrow. Do please post an update and let us know which ones you have chosen.

Big hugs and rose petaled delights xxxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh Anke! Double ;( !!! Sad the new folks ripped out your roses and sad your hubby doesn't want any new ones! Now that your front yard is sunny, you could have a perfect spot for a rose garden!Maybe if you volunteered to do the mowing and trimming? I know my husband just gave up when I started doing the yard work. I think he felt guilty about it, started doing it again, and now brags about the plants! lol! I hope you and your family have a lovely holiday season also. I feel bad I haven't been on blogger much.. So busy! big hugs xx

We can dream though, right Rita?! :D love you!xx

Lucinda that is so exciting about your new roses! I look forward to the day they are grown and blooming and you are sharing pictures! I will share about which one (s) I end up getting. I got my first Apothecary rose from that catalogue last season:)I am having a hard time narrowing it down and it my be a whole winters project! Yes, obsession was soooo created by this companies catalogue and site! big hugs and much love to you! xx

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Hi dear,

Yeah! Cecile Brunner. That sweet little girl. I love her mini blossoms...for me they are the true remembrance of childhood. We always made rose petal sandwiches using those petals as the bread.

You visited me this morning, but I can't make your comment show up, just your name???? Stop by again?

Love to you and sweet memories and dreams,