Friday, April 1, 2011

April Blog Party Announcement

I have the honor of hosting this months U K Herbarium blog party! I have chosen for a theme Spring Wild foraging/Wild crafting and Spring Herbal Gardening I am hoping that everyone who wants to be able to participate has a spot they can forage in, but if not, I think by including the herbal gardening in the theme all should definitely be able to participate who want to:)

If you have your own blog, then add your post before April 20th and email me the link at honeylover at care2 dot com– I’ll post all the links on this blog that evening. If you don’t have your own blog and want to participate, you can email your submission as a word document to Debs at the UK Herbarium , debs at herbal-haven dot co dot uk  and she will add it the UK Herbarium blog as a guest post.

I realize that not everywhere in the world is it feeling very spring like yet, and some of you might even still have snow, so if it isn’t quite time for you to garden or forage yet, still feel free to post about past adventures or ones you have plans for. The same applies to gardening. I look forward to any new tips, recipes or other ideas you come up with to share! P1010008

My foraging basket has been waiting all winter to get back at in nature! lol

Herbal and Honey hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages xx



Rita M said...

Hi Leslie, I would like to participate. But do not know how.
Is it okay if I post a recipe with elderflower along with photos. And a few other pictures of plants or seeds?

Big herbalhugs to you xxx

Indigenous Shamanic Winds said...

This sounds like fun!!! Just give me a 'POKE' every now and then, I tend to forget about things and easily get distracted -- but I'd love joining in with everyone who participates, we all have so much to learn about one another's Herbal adventures! This is just the beginning for me in continuing on with the wonderful world of Herbalism xo

~Shamanic Winds

Comfrey Cottages said...

Rita, that would be wonderful if you posted your elderflower recipe and photos!! And yes, pictures of the plants or seeds you are planting is perfect:) All you have to do is make a blog post about it. Then I will put the link to your blog post on my blog on April 20. I appreciate you joining in:) big herbal hugs to you dear one xx
Yea SW! I will give you a poke if you have not gave me a post to link in the next couple weeks:) Never worry about being a beginner, honey. We are all students of the craft and are all in the same boat:) xxx

tansy said...

oooh, i am going to have to join in on this one! foraging has been a fervor of mine of late!

Comfrey Cottages said...

that would be wonderful Kristine:) xx

Anonymous said...

Finally the Spring rains are falling and the ground is visible here! Hopefully there will be something to forage by then, but if not - there is always the garden :)


Anke said...

Leslie, I had carpal tunnel surgery this past Monday. Everything went well and now that I have the stitches out, I feel great. Still have to take it easy for another week, but I am going back to work tomorrow. I've missed you in blog land...
Take care,

Pammy said...

Oh I want to play ;) Here's the blog..

Just did a herbie post on herb de provence ;) xxooxx

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh Danielle, I am doing a combination of forage/garden for my entry too! Rainy, cold and nasty here this week. We have had off and on nice weather this monthxx
I am so glad you are alright Anke! I have had the 2,3 and 4 year olds almost daily and no puter time~ xx
Yea Pammy! I am off to read your post and tomorrow I will link it to the party! thank you!