Thursday, December 30, 2010

Herbal First Aid kit and Herbal Books

I am learning about being prepared for life’s little and big  dramas such as blisters, tummy troubles, acne, broken bones,stings and other common things that happen. Learning to regulate our reactions, how we can comfort and tend ourselves and loved ones, who can help and other necessary tools. This can be your own design to suit your own needs. I knew straight off I needed one that travelled well. What I would eventually like is not what I ended up with at the moment, but it will suit for now, and can be put to another purpose later. I have started to add things to it and will keep adding things over the next few weeks, I am certain. But for now, it is a work in progress. This will be handy to grab and shove in my backpack as I head out each day. Whether it is in the bee yard, the park, boating, minding the grandchildren or foraging through the woods, it will not be a hindrance and is fairly sturdy. I am making index cards I am going to laminate on which herbs to use for what purpose, in the event someone else needs to use my kit and with an eye towards future presents for my family members, so each household feels empowered that they too can learn to care for their families with herbs and confidence.
a little fennel for the tummy and a bit of heat might be needed…
No doubt about who actually runs the apothecary! lol Wisteria!
I take a bit of time doing each one of my assignments…. there is just so much and it is presented in such a way my creative side takes over and I am inspired to do things like this….
I make recipe cards of the recipes of herbal tidbits.. And I also make little mini lessons to refer back to. These cards will help me make the cards I want to include in my portable kit as well as my home apothecary. 
 Part of the books I ordered for my dh to give me ;-)
I am thrilled to have just received two of the books from the ethno-botanical list. 
These are a few of the books I customarily refer to of my own gathering over the last few years
the above books are all in my kitchen:) Anyone else a bookaholic?
Was Santa Claus nice to everyone? Santa, aka Eric, was very nice to me this year, as well as my family and friends! I feel utterly spoiled!
Eric and I found all those herbal books while together at an antique store:) Nice they ended up in my basket! Lovely teas, and handcrafted soaps and some seeds! Oh my! I am so psyched to grow nicotiana! I can just smell it on a late June evening now…. dreamy:)
I will keep you posted with updates on how my herbal medicine chest progresses.
I gave Eric a pretty cool gift. If we all ask him nice, maybe he will start posting about it. I have given him blog permission;-)
Big hugs to all who visit Comfrey Cottages


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry about that first post. I hit enter too soon. I was saying, I got a couple of Matt Wood's herbals that I've been wanting for awhile.
My hubby got me a big new bookshelf for the holidays that will hold all my herbals and biology texts nicely in one place that matches my new to me desk.

I love the beginnings of your first aid kit. I had a great time putting mine together. I wish I could manage to run across some antique herbals someplace. I love old books.

Comfrey Cottages said...

Oh Stephany! That is so very nice! Yea for your hubby giving you a nice big bookshelf that matches your desk:) I will keep an eye out for any pictures you might share:) I am using amazon and amazon.u.k. and some happy perchances along the way for my books. I love old books too... xx

Anonymous said...

Did you ever see the link to the antique Culpepper's that I posted on facebook? It was gorgeous and far too expensive for me. Still, its nice to look.

Comfrey Cottages said...

No I didn't, Stephany! I imagine it was simply gorgeous:) Lovelies like that are well out of this granny/nanny's price range for sure. but like you, I still like to look:)

Rita M said...

Sounds so interesting and fun.I like the way you make your recipe cards Leslie.
Books: I am also a bookaholic Leslie, Sam always say's, you collected books,but don't read them :)
Santa was realy nice to you this year my friend,great bokks you got.
Big hugs my friend XXXXX

Rita M said...

LOL bokks - I meant books :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

lol! i type mistakes all the time Rita! what kind pf books do you like? love you my friendxoxoxox

Rita M said...

What kind of books do I like...
Gardening books - herbal books and books about Great Britain.
Rita XXX

Ps: check out my blog :)