Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comfrey Pendant Giveaway at Herbal Roots Zine

comfrey pendant

Kristine, over at Herbal Roots Zine, is hosting a great giveaway! This beeeautiful pendant was made by Rebekah at Mulberry Mudd living clay creations:) I have a few pieces of Bek’s artwork, and they are just amazing folks. Seriously a beautiful way to dance with the herbs, creating as she does by pressing actual parts of the herb into the clay. My Comfrey fairy, from MM, is so cool to hold and stroke gently. I can feel the bristly texture of the comfrey leaf right there on the statuette! Just looking at her or touching her reinforces all I have learned about comfrey as an herbal ally in my life.

comfrey fairy

I actually asked for my fairy for my birthday last year:) When June rolls around again, I am going to hope for a friend for her! I have a pendant from Mulberry Mudd, dandelion, and I choose that pendant to wear at all dress up times, I love it that much! Herbal Roots Zine and Mulberry Mudd, two great resources to learn and experience dancing with the herbs. Make sure and order your copy of Herbal Roots Zine month of April, if you haven’t already. Comfrey is the featured herb, (as if you hadn’t guessed that!)





JoyceAnn said...

Hi Leslie ~ Your Comfrey fairy is beautiful. I won the willow pendant made by Mulberry Mudd over at " Herbal Roots Zine " , I love it too.

~ Happy Herbal Blessings ~

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh i had missed that joyceann! how cool you won! big hugs