Sunday, September 13, 2009

Thinking About Mead, Herbal Vinegar……

Yesterday was an exhausting day. My grandson Evan had a terrible injury happen. He was at his dad’s visiting and jumped off something in the yard and landed on some pipe and layed open his upper part of the front of his left leg. My daughter got a phone call saying he was being rushed to the emergency department in another town. So she came and got me. To make a long story short, this town was having a festival and a parade and the way we entered town we couldn’t get to the hospital. Even after explaining our dilemma to one of the police at the roadblock, he wouldn’t let us across. I mean, we could see the hospital, but with the thousands of people there, not even a place to just park and walk across through the parade. After finding a parking place about a mile away, we started walking through the crush of people. When I spied a parade official in a golf cart and rushed over and begged a ride from him. Thank heavens he did give us a lift and while Evan did have a deep wound, 15 stitches and a couple hours later, we did get to bring him home.

So today, my hubby and I went over to Iowa to a flea market, and I was so happy to just get away for awhile and pretty excited about a few finds.


These beautiful decanters were a real find! I got all six for a measly $2.00! My hubby asked what I was going to do with them and I said, well maybe mead, maybe herbal vinegars, maybe elderberry wine….


the two bigger jars I got for .50 each and the others were in a freebie pile. Now I don’t know about you, but I love to find jars, recycle jars, etc, etc. because there is ALWAYS some thing to put in a jar!


Then I found a really cool herb book for $2. This one is entitled Hints and Pinches. A concise Compendium of Herbs, Spices, and Aromatics with Illustrative Recipes and Asides on Relishes, Chutneys, and Other Such Concerns by Eugene Walters. A very cool and fun herbie type book. Collecting herb books is a great passion so always thrilled to find a new one!


Next find were some gorgeous hankies! I like to make tussie mussies with them!


A cool vintage serrater and a tea strainer (can we ever have too many?), were the next finds for cheap!


and while I don’t collect teddy bears, once in awhile one just calls out to me and says please give me a home. This little darling was honey colored, a handmade by a woman from my home area, and just $2, so I said sure sweet bear, I will take you home!lol

So … thinking about making meads, wines, herbal vinegars, tussie mussies, and filling jars with herbal goodness and feeling much more relaxed tonight!

Big herbal and honey hugs to all of you who visit Comfrey Cottages!


Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Ok, what is mead? You really came home with some fantastic deals! I love those decanters!! They are gorgeous. And what a sweet teddy too! :) Glad grandson is going to be ok...what a frustrating situation not being able to get to him easily. Thank God for the man in the golf cart!!

Anke said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandson's injury. Glad to know he'll be ok and everything did work out in the end. Your finds are awesome, what luck on those decanters and jars.

Comfrey Cottages said...

thanks jennifer and anke for your kind comments:) jennifer, mead is honey wine:) i am not much of a drinker, but i do like mead and thinking it would be nice to try and make some!
i am going to write the city of pekin and suggest that they keep a route to the hospital open in the future during their parade. and commend the man in the golf cart! i wish i would have got his name. i was so distracted! not only was evan injured, but my daughter is diabetic and was having a low sugar, so felt just desperate to get to the hospital and not only see evan, but to get her some food!

Rita M said...

Glad to know that Evan is ok & your daughter to.
Flea markets - I love them.
The decanters and the teddy bear are fantastic Leslie.

Lemon Verbena Lady said...

I'm exhausted and I didn't do half that yesterday! Evan sounds like me when I was little! I was a daredevil and a klutz at the same time! I went over my handlebars on my bike more than once! I fell through a house that was under construction! I was not coordinated! I have that book and am looking forward to some day using it! I have so many books. I am going to take part of this winter, hope it's a long one, lol and read some of the many, many books can't say a number, The Herbal Husband may be watching! LOL! Well, I don't know how you catch up! Take good care Leslie or you'll end up sick again! Hugs!

Comfrey Cottages said...

awww thanks rita! yes, they are both okay now:) and that is so cool you love flea markets also:)
nancy, i never would have guessed you were a wild child!!lol you have this book also then! fun! i really like what i have read so far. we are so similiar with the book thing, besides other things:) i hope this winter to make like a book tuesday or something similiar. i have so many bee and herb books it would be nice to share about them!
love to you both

Lisa said...

L- I had to look up Tussie had my curiosity piqued. What a stressful day!!! All your purchases are wonderful. Those decanters are neat. Have you ever watched Arsenic and Old Lace? Your Elderberry Wine thought reminded me of it! What a hoot of a movie!

I'm glad you are able to relax now and that everyone is fine. :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

oh tussie mussies are sweet gifts to make hootie!! lol on the arsenic and old lace!! hugs to ya hon!