Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comfrey Cottages New Comfrey Fairie!! Do Come Meet Her!

oh my gosh i can not tell you all how much i LOVE Comfrey Cottages new faerie! Rebekah Klitzke has an awesome shop on Etsy called Mulberry Mudd! You have got to check it out! Her items are one of a kind, handcrafted and simply beautiful works of art!! not long ago i bought one of her beautiful necklaces, a dandelion pendant, and am sooo in love! ladies, i would like you to please meet Comfrey, our newest inhabitant here at Comfrey Cottages!!!
Rebekah also has a web page for Mulberry Mudd.
I am in love with all her work! This faerie came packaged so well and Bek included the most darling little handmade card! Quick delivery also! Next time you want to treat yourself, or someone else, please consider buying handmade first! Thank you Bek!! Comfrey Faerie just rocks!!! hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages!!!


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Is there a family resemblance? LOL! I think so! She is beautiful just like you!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I might have to get one for my garden too. I've been to the Etsy store this morning, but didn't purchase yet.

Very tempting!!!!! :)

Comfrey Cottages said...

aww thanks nancy! i used to be willowy like that, but age and menopause has changed my shape!lol they are gorgeous hootie! let us know if you get one also!! hugs to ya both:)