Friday, June 5, 2009

Pocohontas, Chief Seattle and Sacagawea Meet Up

the kids had a great time at dickson mounds museum today. they especially enjoyed making their own indian village at the childrens interactive room. they had the coolest wooden figures to add. canoes, people, fires, beavers, tanning racks, just all sorts of cool pieces!

they even got a few presents from the gift shop so evan was transformed into chief seattle, taylor became sacagawea and lily became pocohontas!

well, i then brought the little indians to see the new disney/pixar movie Up and it was cute!
i wasn't overly enamored by the commercials for it (evan though i adore a good animated film), but i ended up really enjoying it also! the kids thought it was awesome and last i saw them today they were combining the explorer theme from the movie with the indian theme and had a cool camp site in their backyard!!lol
hugs to all who visit comfrey cottages


Lemon Verbena Lady said...

Hey Les, pace yourself! You're going to run out of ideas before the end of summer! LOL! You have a lot of energy, girlfriend!

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, what a fantastic day! Building the village sounds really fun. :) Glad you guys had such a good time. The grand kidlets are so adorable!

Comfrey Cottages said...

lol! thanks nancy and jennifer! it was a great day and the village was a big hit! oh nancy, these rare days without the baby happen so infrequently i simply have to move! dylan is such a little handful now, it seems i am always gating he and i up in a couple rooms using the baby gates, or confined to a fenced yard it felt good to move freely! i suppose i am like a caged up puppy, once allowed out, gotta run with the wind!lol big hugs to you both